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1. COVID Behavior Changes

Of 89 students who have worn contacts, about 1/3rd of them switched to glasses this year (reduces infection risk via eyes).

2. UCSD Students are Exercising with a Mask

Many student report exercising while wearing a 1-layer mask (as recommended in lecture).

3. Wellness & Mental Health Check

Most students indicated that they’re “managing” — which likely describes most of the world right now.

4. Health > convenience

Even though most UCSD students prefer in-person courses & are feeling #ZoomFatigue, they prefer to continue online in Winter rather than risk outdoor in-person courses.

5. Over 95% of Tritons Want the COVID Vaccine

Most Tritons will get one of the #CovidVaccine within a few weeks of their availability for students.

6. Virtual Belongingness

Tritons indicated playing more online videogames this year than in the past, and fewer single player games.

WHO Videogame Initiative: Play Apart Together

Videogames are Protective Against COVID in Disincentivizing Leaving the House (or Couch). Playing video games can satisfy basic psychological needs & yield short-term improvements in well-being (Allen & Anderson, 2018; Ryan et al., 2006). This may be particularly helpful in curbing depression/anxiety during Social Distancing. (Data: #UCSD)

7. Least Diverse Year of Our Lives

This has been the least diverse moment in many people’s lives. Students indicated their interpersonal interactions have become significantly less racially diverse since #quarantine started in March.

Top left data = Canvas student survey. Data below = from preregistered study

7A. It’s easier to see color in the daylight

In our preregistered mask study, most of the racially diverse/inclusive groups were documented during lunch hours. Dinner is usually a more intimate meal than lunch. In short, it’s easier to see color in the sunlight.

8. Mask Adherence & Group Composition (PreRegistered Study)

Note: 1. There’s a similar pattern once people who were outside jogging (100% maskless) are removed from the analysis. 2. Important to identify observations outside given that mask enforcement is higher upon entering buildings. 3. Some groups have more men than women, creating an imbalance in opposite-sex groups (see sex ratio graph).

8A. Sex Ratio & Mask Adherence

When taking the sex ratio of the group into account, everyone showed less adherence in *balanced* opposite sex groups.

8B. Race Ratio & Mask Adherence

Lastly, in contrast to Pathogen Avoidance expectations, there was a trend for people to show less mask adherence in racially diverse groups.

9. COVID Applied Logic Quiz Results (6 of 7 correct)

1. Walk where there are fewer people
2. Avoid sidewalks when possible
3. Don’t breathe across the entire aisle; be socially conscientious
4. Don’t buy the first item because everyone touched that one. Select the item behind or underneath the one in front.

10. Mask Adherence with Fashion Masks vs. Plain Masks

Good news: No significant difference in mask adherence for students who wear fashion masks vs basic masks.

Sidenotes Primer (fyi)

Sidenotes are essentially powerpoint presenter view notes, and there’s no reason to perfectly cite something the audience will never see (aside for additional info for oneself). As such, many citations/references will be imperfect/incomplete & in some cases 100% missing down here. All material will be cited properly if/when used as the focal part of a future piece.

1918 Spanish Flu: Of Masks & Men

Antimask sentiment among males is over 100 years old at this point.

UCSD COVID Tests Required Weekly for Professors & Researchers (use this link to schedule)

UC Professors & Researchers, please use the link below to schedule your free COVID Test on campus that’s required weekly: https://covid19testing.ucsd.edu/?Symptom=asymptom&Location=campus

UCSD Pick-Up & Drop-Off Test Kit Locations

Students and employees may pick-up and drop-off a test kit at the following locations.* Please see adjusted holiday hours here.

  • Seventh College | Parcel Center (map)
  • Nuevo East | Fitness Center (map)
  • Price Center | Ballroom B (map)
  • More locations coming in winter 2021.

Vaccination identification

Given that we’re going to continue to #WearAMask after vaccination, it would be socially useful to create a salient/ unique* marker for vaccinated ppl.

COVID Behavioral Screening Tool for Businesses

1. Check their social media. Do they have any posts/stories at restaurants/hangouts recently with their non-roommate friends?
If yes = denied.

Pre-Registered Study of Mask Adherence

For anyone interested, some of our pilot results can be found here



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