COVID Diary: A Non-Remote Observational Study of Mask Adherence at UCSD

Entry 7: My Life Is Being Held Back Because They Don’t Want To Wear A Mask

Locations for observations of UCSD Price Center, Starbucks, & some ‘outside’ participants

Sex Differences in Mask Preferences

Neck Gaiters Have a Sex…

Most maskless faces are males… surprising no one.

It’s males’ fault…
In particular, male adults…

Adult males’ non-adherence seems remarkably self-jeopardizing given the now well known COVID19 data on men’s higher mortality rate & women’s higher survival rate.

(Scully et al., 2020)

Numerous reasons have been considered for this sex difference:

I would do the facepalm emoji but I don’t want to encourage touching your face
Willis, J. (2020). Masquerade Ball: A Disquisition On Critical Mask Theory & Masculinity.
(Zarulli et al., 2018)
XX Advantage


Entry 8: San Diego County Removed From California’s Monitoring List

Dr. Jarryd Willis, PhD, Principal Investigator, Professor, All-Dayer
Fun fact: The building my actual office resides in is about 20 yards to my left. I have a key to get in — in early August I let in a graduate student who forgot his keys— I’m just not allowed to go inside myself outside of lecture days. I have a PhD & I let in a graduate student into a building I’m not allowed to enter & continued to work outside. Meanwhile I’m watching antiMaskers walk out of buildings with their maskless heads held high. My career is being punished — and our economy is being punished — for their collective negligence.

Entry 9: GamerGirl’s Moral Revolution (in preparation)

I'm passionate about making a tangible difference in the lives of others, & that's something I have the opportunity to do a professor & researcher.

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