COVID Test Vending Machines at UC San Diego

People emit a higher concentration of COVID-19 virus when breathing out of their noses compared to exhaling out of their mouths (Hou et al., 2020)

Jasper inhales via her mouth & Piper inhales via her nose. Both unmasked.

Piper will have a higher deposit of COVID19 aerosols because the highest density of inhaled deposited dose occurs via the nose (Booth et al., 2005, Farzal et al., 2019, Hou et al., 2020; Teunis et al., 2010).

And don’t ask Piper to spell her name → Plosives (or P, B, & K sounds) lead to farther travelling aerosol emissions due to the force of pronunciation (Abkarian et al., 2020).

Consider this article to be the sequel to UCSD, a National Leader Against COVID


As an extension of the sheer brilliance that has come to define much of UCSD’s health promotion efforts against COVID, we now have COVID Test Vending Machines (see image below)


Note: Given that many people may be using the vending machine, please wash & sanitize your hands afterwards and/or wear a glove.

Vending machine locations
  • Muir College | Roots Restaurant (map)
  • Seventh College | Next to the Parcel Center (map)
  • Nuevo East (Porton) | Outdoor Gym Area (map)
  • Price Center | First Floor Across from Burger King (map)*
  • Thurgood Marshall College Res Halls |TMC Res Life Lobby
  • Warren College | Across from the Residence Life Office (map)
  • Eleanor Roosevelt College | Next to the Laundry Room at Student Activity Center (map)
  • Village at Pepper Canyon | Lodge (map)
  • South Mesa | 9126 Laundry Room (map)
  • One Miramar | Next to the Parcel Center (map)
  • Central Mesa | Next to Laundry Room (map)

*Please note the Price Center vending machine weekend hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

It’s important to have the UC San Diego app on your smartphone

which you will use to scan your test kit and receive your results.

Please ensure your MyStudentChart (students) & MyChart (employee) contact information is up to date.

As for conducting a self-administered test, here are my step-by-step images from my test last week (see image below)

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March-August, 2020

  • The cumulative percentage of positive tests of students, Health employees and campus employees was less than 1.99%.
  • As of August 29, 2020, a total of 824,909 SARS CoV-2 tests were performed in San Diego County with a rolling average % positive of 3.7%

August 9–September 26, 2020

  • 14,829 tests were conducted between August 9–September 26.
  • 36 unique* students tested positive.
  • 43 unique health employees tested positive.
  • 19 campus employees tested positive.
  • 1 positive test of a campus employee was reported.
  • 1 positive test of a Health employee was reported.

Since March 1st, 2020

  • Only 186 of the students who have resided or currently reside on campus have tested positive.
  • 342 students living off-campus have tested positive.

Unique* =

new COVID cases. If someone tested positive last week & tests positive again this week, they are not counted as a new case because they are not unique. Thus, if you see the occasional sibling columns of unique positive individuals (September 13–19 = 7) & total positive tests (September 13–19 = 9) when looking at the UCSD Dashboard Data, the unique positive tests indicate newly infected individuals.

NOTE → If someone tests positive again after 90 days, they would be counted as a new/unique COVID-19 case again.

Occupancy App Idea

When I went to Fashion Valley Mall in the pre-March 15th Life World, the parking garage would indicate if there were open parking spots or if it was full.

It would even indicate which level of the garage had parking. Creating a similar tool for personnel occupancy would reveal whether the building with an on-campus employee’s private/nonshared office was at 25% occupancy or not & therefore safe to enter.

In addition, Canyonview swimming pool has a pool lane reservation system in which people can reserve a pool lane up to 72 hours prior to when they want to swim. It’s very similar to the system I used to reserve my racquetball courts & the system I used to reserve McGill 1350 for data collection (

Creating an app/website that could track current occupancy, what time(s) someone has placed a reservation request, & what floor the request is on to ensure that each floor only has 25% occupancy.

An app/website of that nature would facilitate greater safety regarding adherence to occupancy.

(It may also be helpful to use the parking garage indicators on bathrooms as there is currently no way to determine if any given bathroom is at the max capacity of 2 people inside without walking inside)

UCSD should name a building after Dr. Natasha Martin after COVID

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