Zoom Camera Conformity, Attire, & PPT Presenter View

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1. Zoom Camera Conformity

Zoom Camera Conformity

A Canvasboard extra credit survey of 478 students found that…

Introverts & Extraverts

Among non-conforming students, introverts are more likely to have their Zoom cameras off, & extraverts to have their cameras on or off, regardless of what other students are doing, χ2 (4, N = 294)= 11.91 , p = .018.

Sex Differences

Camera Conformity

No sex difference in camera conformity.
Note: There were some genderfluid names I couldn’t code (e.g., Cameron, Morgan, Hayden, Alex, Taylor, Blake, Riley).

Professional Virtual Attire

An article by Zlati Meyer discussed results from a June 11–15 Harris Poll conducted exclusively for Fast Company (N = 2026 US Adults).


How to Get Presenter View via Powerpoint on Zoom

Here is how you get presenter view while using powerpoint.

Zoom Backgrounds

“If you’re participating in a Zoom call during the day, find a nice spot where the natural light hits your face. However, don’t sit with your back to a window. This will result in you becoming backlit, and your team won’t be able to see you clearly.

  • Videos: MP4 or MOV files with a resolution between 480×360 and 1920×1080.”
    Will Morris, How to Look Good on Zoom

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