Vitamin D & Valentines Day

Male Gaze & Women’s Vitamin-D Deficiency

#GamerGuy: Why are women more likely to buy/use umbrellas than men?

Gender Socialization & Women’s Vitamin D Deficiency

- Asia: Male Gaze → women’s desire to have whiter skin → avoid sunlight → women more likely to buy parasols → parasols & umbrellas depicted as a woman’s accessory for centuries (Sangster, 1855) → 1623 painting by Sir Anthony van Dyck of Marchesa Grimaldi with her parasol.

Easy D-cision: Add VitaminD as a layer against COVID19

Mohammed Sistanizad et al., February 2021: Twelve patients in the placebo group and 5 in the vitamin D group died within the 28 day study period. The duration of mechanical ventilation was 15.7± 9.3 for vitamin D vs. 22.6± 9.1 days for placebo. (

Reminder: Contraception & Vitamin D

A study of Danish women found that contraceptive use was positively associated with Vitamin-D levels (Moller et al., 2013).

Vitamin D crucial to activating immune defenses
Date: March 8, 2010
Source: University of Copenhagen

Summary: Scientists have found that vitamin D is crucial to activating our immune defenses and that without sufficient intake of the vitamin — the killer cells of the immune system — T cells — will not be able to react to and fight off serious infections in the body. The research team found that T cells first search for vitamin D in order to activate and if they cannot find enough of it will not complete the activation process.

Infective Dose & Loudness

Loudness of speech is associated with aerosol emissions (Anfinrud et al. 2020; Asadi et al., 2019; Barreda et al., 2020; Fears et al., 2020; Lindsley et al., 2013; Milton et al., 2013; Pung et al., 2020; Santarpia et al., 2020; Seminara et al., 2020; Shao et al., 2020; Stadnytskyi et al., 2020; Xie et al., 2009).
Males have louder voices than women & they love the sound of them (Holmberg et al., 1988; Maria Sodersten et al., 2005; Ramya Konnai et al., 2017).
Thus, when a group of unmasked males hang out, an asymptomatic male is likely to give his bruhs a higher infective dose: The infective dose is the minimal quantity of virions necessary for infection to occur (Watanabe et al., 2010; Yezli et al., 2011).


Someone moving from NY to CA (~2,800 miles) isn’t an immigrant changing countries the way someone moving from Dunkirk France to Veurne Germany (~16 miles) is changing countries. For example, both the country of Norway & the continent of Australia — revered for modern/progressive ideals & expressed values of multiculturalism/diversity — require immigrants to go through orientation courses on egalitarianism in which immigrants are warned that any acts suggestive of polygyny, arranged marriage, & underage marriage will be met with severe criminal penalties. Australia takes it even further: they force hopeful immigrants to pass an egalitarian values test.



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