Vibrators & Digisexuals

What Kind of Stimulation (Lisa Wade, 2006)

“Vibrator use would ‘make him feel less of a man”

In the UK, more women own vibrators than dishwashers (Smile Makers).

Gauvin et al., 2020

Globalization has Modulated Masculinity


Image from Feminism in Play (Gray et al., 2018):

Paul Campobasso, 2018

Tingting Liu & Zishan Lai, 2020

Yi, 2019 (Gospel)

📺❤ Parasocial Relationships

🎮❤ Tracy McVeigh (2016)

Play Like A Feminist (Shira Chess, 2020)

Avatars & Selves — Nicola Liberati, 2018

Most Cars Are Women


Interracial Closet & LGB Coming Out to Mom vs Dad

Eric Hal Schwartz (May 2020)

“Voice assistants appear to be forming an important part of people’s coping toolbox whilst stuck at home — and we don’t expect to see these habits fall away anytime soon.”

Voxly head of strategy Rozzi Meredith

Schwarz (April 27, 2020)

Voice Assistant & Gender Biases

“In the United States, Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant — which collectively total an estimated 92.4% of U.S. market share for smartphone assistants — have traditionally featured female-sounding voices.”

Gendered Ads

🚗She made me a better man… and driver (Bruce Simons-Morton et al., 2005)



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