Untied Shoestrings & Romantic Conflicts

(Random idea during lecture on July 26th)

Long term lovers are walking in the same shoes. One is responsible for the 2 left strings & the other for the 2 right strings; meaning neither person can tie a shoe on their own. It requires both.

Dyadic Self-Concept

GamerGirl & Jarryd are driving to Garden of Eden National Park in their own cars. GG knows the way but Jarryd doesn’t, so Jarryd is following GG.


— Among monosexual men dating bisexuals, some #gay men fetishize their boyfriend’s perceived masculinity (American Institute of Bisexuality, 2016) & some #straight men fantasize about the idea that their girlfriends will let them experience a 3-some (Eliason, 1997; Callis, 2013).


Researchers found those who had contracted COVID saw the greatest underperformance on tasks requiring reasoning, planning and problem-solving compared to those who had not had the virus.

equal to a *7-point drop in IQ*!”

We risk “creating a generation left with chronic health problems & disability, the personal & economic impacts of which might be felt for decades to come.”


Muslim Women’s Courtship

Annisa Rochadiat et al. (2017)

“Very few studies have actually investigated the dating experiences of Muslim women, let alone those residing in the United States [most have focused on men; Lo & Aziz, 2009; Soukup, 2012; Al-Saggaf, 2013]. This bias is perhaps because the intrinsic link between conservative Muslim courtship practices and norms for gendered behavior (Hammer, 2015) limits Muslim women’s activity in the dating and courtship process.

The impact of online dating technology on Muslim courtship Increased agency.

Online dating platforms have allowed Muslim women greater freedom to initiate contact with the opposite sex. One interview participant said she engages in online matchmaking services because “it makes the idea of messaging a brother (i.e., another Muslim man) feel like it’s normal and not scary or intimidating in any way” (S07).

The Gospel of Allyship by Jenn

Jenn Finnegan — (One of the greatest pieces on Allyship I have ever read)

At the family dinner table

“White people will post on social media, and it becomes the easiest way for them to meet their daily quota of doing their part. By daily quota, I mean that they reach their limit of emotionally draining labor in the race arena. White people are needed daily in so many spaces where racism exists.

at our family dinner table,

or within our political parties.

It’s helpful for White people to create safe spaces to talk about race

“I think this is especially important to talk to your white friends and create safe spaces for them to discuss racism. It’s a necessary step in the short term that will help reach long-term goals more quickly. It’s almost like taking two steps back to take 10 forward. Why? Well, for starters, when it comes to conversations surrounding race, white people need to prioritize psychological safety for BIPOC individuals, and they can’t do that when they feel defensive and emotional.”

Borderline Love (Alyson Blanchard et al., 2021)

Women who present with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) women “might be alluring in that they offer a thrilling relationship for the short-term, so long as they are also physically appealing” (Blanchard et al., 2021).

Nov 1 Update

How Chronic Stress Influences the Immune System

Piper = Outside Walking = no stress
Pelody = Outside jogging = chronic stress

Serotonin Transport Protein

Imagine serotonin is being transported on the bus. For some people, their sero takes the long bus & for others it takes a smaller bus. Given that sero is key for emotional regulation, those with longer buses will have more available when their sero passengers arrive. Those with smaller buses will have fewer sero transported & thus will be more influenced by environmental inputs The road is the environment & it’s filled with potholes. Busses with more passengers (LL) weigh more & thus are less influenced by envir inputs. Busses transporting fewer serotonin passengers (SS) weigh less & thus may tip over when encountering those same potholes.



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