The WNBA, Contraception, & Sexuality

Lesbians’ Testosterone > Straight Women’s Testosterone

Imagine if we could do a study comparing the athletic performance of lesbians who aren’t on OCs to straight women who are on OCs…

see Swift-Gallant et al., 2020 — Swift-Gallant, A., Johnson, B. A., Di Rita, V., & Breedlove, S. M. (2020). Through a glass, darkly: Human digit ratios reflect prenatal androgens, imperfectly. Hormones and behavior, 120, 104686.

WNBA Study

there is a difference in sexual orientation diversity between women’s & men’s professional sports.

To be clear, Diana Taurasi is the GOAT and everyone knows this.

WNBA Sexuality & Race

Using WNBA2K 🎮 Rosters

I’m sure they’d love to open the closet but the hegemonic man-box of toxic masculinity is blocking the door.

Note: there is no significant height difference between lesbians and straight women (Bogaert & Liu, 2013; Coome, 2020)

Bisexual Mate Preferences & Egalitarian Courtship

LG allow for the isolation of biological sex.

Bisexuals allow attraction to be treated as a constant.

Sidenotes (The “Assume Direct Quotes” Section)

(Conley et al., 2014)

It is only proposals from men that are disproportionately rejected by bisexual women. Data based on actual encounters suggests that they are turning down offers from men more than they turn down offers from women.

Gender differences did not emerge in acceptance rates of actual remembered casual sex offers from women — differences only emerged with regard to actual offers from men.

Lesbians’ Lover Sexuality Preferences (Continued))

Androcentrism/ Masculinity Preference

(Thekla Morgenroth et al., 2021)

Two Spaces After A Period for Social Distancing

Performativity & Erasure

Emoji Erasure Chronicles

Someone’s pronouns, identity, etc should also be reflected in their emoji selection without it glitching 🙇🏻‍♀️

I never use male emojis

Diversity Training Will Be Booming This Autumn

West (2019)

Interminority Marriage

Interracial marriage was NEVER 100% banned. Only interracial marriage that included someone White was banned.

Lauren Davenport, 2018

Lauren Davenport, 2016

Intergenerational Transfer of Religion (moreso than Atheism)

Towards Inclusive Catholicism

I know that my path involves Jesus Christ but that’s not the only path. Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Atheism, Bahai, & other paths are equally valid.

Transracial Adoption Patterns (Kreider & Raleigh, 2011)

Contraception Decreases Testosterone

On the Utility of Sports Data (Ertug & Moaret, 2020)

The Institute of Diversity & Ethics in Sports

WNBA 2020 Report Card (PDF)



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