🎵The Gender Play Gap

Sex & Preferred Sex of Musician


Luis Aguiar et al., 2021

Chris Melore, 2021

Japan loves Taylor Swift

Paul Lamere, 2014

Hannah Sparks, 2021 (Direct Quotes)

Sidenotes (General)

China: Han & Zhao, 2021 — One Child Policy & Leftover Men/Women

these highly educated women cannot choose men whose overall level is far below their own.

Stepmothers (Day, 2019)

Stepfamilies — China — Yang Hu, 2020

Becky L. DeGreeff & Ann Burnett, 2017

Ozawa & Yoon, 2002

Interracial Custody

USA — Kathryn Beer, 2011

Canada — Boyd & Dhaliwal, 2015

— Blackwood, 1985

Nurturer’s Last Name (Bartholomay, 2019)

Sidenotes on Hypogamy (for a future article)

Regardless of educational pairing, husbands tend to out-earn wives. (https://academic.oup.com/esr/article/36/3/351/5688045?login=true)
“In hypogamous unions, women tend to have a higher social class background and occupational prestige, but lower income than their partners.” (https://academic.oup.com/esr/article/36/3/351/5688045?login=true)





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