The Female Voice of Zoom

1. Reasons For The Female Voice

Potential Beneficial Application

Historical Review: The Female Voice & Communication Technologies

In videogames, women are better than men at voiceacting. As such, playing with a female protagonist is the equivalent of getting a free upgrade.

He fired all the males.

Incidental Social Progress

The Voice of Privacy

“Can you repeat my card number a little louder Dennis; I’m not sure the entire world heard it that time.”

“Hello Operator” The Sequel: Typewriters

Videogames: Female Protagonist > Male Protagonist

Additional Reason Heroines Are Better Than Heroes

2. Emotional Socialization Research


Crying & Smiling

Emotional IQ

XOXO. Sidenotes

GPT3 & Ai Of Faith

Why Men Can’t Stand To Be Alone After Dissolution

Lesbian Courtship (Reddit Comment)


An Artificial Intelligence Woman of Color powered by GPT-3



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