Teaching in a Mask

“Instructors and students who are present in an indoor classroom in fall will have to wear masks in the classroom.” — Exec Vice Chancellor Elizabeth Simmons

3rd Dose

“Boosters will be necessary; some have been slow to acknowledge that.”
— Vice Chair Chip Schooley (Vaccine Townhall, 8 .11.21)

Benefit of a 3rd Dose (Currently)

Public Health Messaging Utilitarianism

2021 Flu Shot Mandate

Individualism & Collectivism (Health Psychology Hypothesis)


“Masks can protect the individual from COVID-19 acquisition or, if acquired, possibly lead to a milder or asymptomatic infection” (Gandhi & Mare, 2020, p. 29).

Yes, Pfizer & Moderna are Safe For Pregnant Women


Hiroshi Ueki et al. (2020)

Wear A Mask

Speaking & shouting loudly increases emissions (Asadi et al., 2019)

Grocery Store Infection



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