Skin Tone Hierarchy of Mate Preferences

Rodriguez-Garcia et al., 2016

Colorism is 5000 Years Old — Sandra Wilde et al., 2014

Pigmentation Preferences — Hair

Blonde Hair

Skin Tone — Aneta Sitek et al., 2018

Skin Tone — Garza et al., 2016

Skin Tone Findings

Sidenotes = will likely be relocated to future article

🌈 Born This Way

Patriarchal Tax Law — Karin Yefet, 2020

Stephen Claxton-Oldfield & Bonnie Butler, 1998

China: Han & Zhao, 2021 — One Child Policy & Leftover Men/Women

Tian & Cramon-Taubadel, 2020

Son Preference — Shangao Wang et al., 2021

Queens & Chess



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Dr. Jarryd Willis PhD

Dr. Jarryd Willis PhD

I'm passionate about making a tangible difference in the lives of others, & that's something I have the opportunity to do a professor & researcher.