Siri’s 2nd Language

Interestingly, students whose first language isn’t English are more likely to use Siri in English than in their first language.

1st Language

Most students indicated their first language is English (65.54%), χ2(1, N = 267)= 25.8, p < .001.


What vocal gender is your Siri (or other voice assistant if not iPhone) & which language do you use?


🎼Gender Play Gap (Caruso, 2019; Lamere, 2014) 🎶

— Men’s most listened to artists are mostly men whereas women listen to both men & women.

✝️☪️🔯🕉️☯️Gender Pray Gap (Landon Schnabel, 2019)

— Women pray more than men (assume Christianity unless [specified])
(Argyle, 1958; Baker, 2008; Batson et al., 1993; Bradshaw & Ellison, 2009; Collett & Lizardo, 2009; Firth, 1997 [Hinduism]; Ghorbani et al., 2014 [Iran Muslims]; Gonzalez, 2011 [Kuwait Muslims]; Jones, 2021; Jung, 2014 [South Korea]; Khan et al., 2015 [Pakistan Muslims]; Krause & Chatters, 2005; Miller & Hoffman, 1995; Ryberg et al., 2018; Schnabel, 2015 [Judaism]; Schnabel, 2019 [Hindu women & Buddhist women]; Voas et al., 2013).

🤖 The Gender Ai Gap

— Female voices are preferred when interacting with Ai/ voice assistants/ technology
(Borau et al., 2021; Erin Rivero, 2020; Eugenia Kuyda & Replika, 2020; Gill Martin, 2010; Nicole Hennig, 2018; Schwar and Moynihan, 2020; Shead, 2017; Stern, 2017) as people perceive greater warmth, friendliness, & emotional IQ from a female AI-bot than a male (Eyssel & Hegel, 2012; Gustavsson, 2005; Lopatovska et al., 2021; Otterbacher & Talias, 2017; Stroessner & Benitez, 2019), and view female AI as more trustworthy (Siegel et al., 2009).



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Dr. Jarryd Willis PhD

Dr. Jarryd Willis PhD


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