[The following is pulled from a September 1st email I sent as behavioral evidence of my social distancing behavior]

Here’s one of my social science strategies to reinforce both social distancing & personal safety overall.

1. Wearing glasses reduces perceptions of aggression. Thus, I have my rimmed glasses on all day when I’m out around campus as they will partially deracialize me & reduce the risk of someone perceiving that I’m not supposed to be somewhere.

2. I intentionally wear the rimmed glasses because rimmed glasses reduce perceived attractiveness (Leder et al., 2011).

3. By reducing my perceived attractiveness it reduces the odds that anyone would want to talk to me.

4. Thus, rimmed glasses help facilitate social distancing.

5. Unlike other glasses I have, these gold rimmed glasses literally don’t do anything to enhance my vision (look at the visual comparison of my Bible through the rimmed glasses vs without them; no difference). They’re literally just to increase my safety against racial bias & to decrease my perceived attractiveness to increase social distancing. I never wear these when I’m in my office Lols Thus, this Exceptions process will also likely benefit my longterm eyesight as I’ve been wearing these glasses more since April than I have in my previous years in California combined Lols [sic]

Video Evidence of My 2020 Flu Shot: Example For Exceptional Office-Use Application

Four studies (1 PrePrint, 3 peer-reviewed) have found that receiving the influenza vaccine is protective against COViD (Angel Vila-Corcoles et al., 2020; Marín‐Hernández et al., 2020; Ziedman et al., 2020), and one found that it’s protective even if patients received it AFTER being infected with COViD (Fink et al., 2020 — PrePrint).

Flu Shots are required for all UC personnel by November 1st.



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