Race & Nasal Resistance to COVID (A #GamerGirl Story)

Wider nose = higher chance that any inhaled deposited dose of SARS-CoV-2 will be an infective dose

Black Hyurs have wider noses than Hyurs with lighter skin tones (Figure 1), and all Hyurs have wider noses Lalafells (Figure 2).

Given the virtual-reality that some avatars virtual-naturally have wider noses than others as a function of their virtual-ethnoracial background, some avatars are more at risk of inhaling a sufficiently infective dose of SARS-CoV-2 than others.

One recommendation for those avatars would be that…

those with wider noses should be more vigilant about wearing masks given their higher susceptibility

Although race is just a virtual construct in MMORPG, adapting to COVID19 requires that some phenotypic components of that social construct be considered.

If you’ve ever used the internet — or utilized Zoom for anything this year — you know that our virtual public sphere is currently more interconnected than at any point in human history. So if you want to take individual extra precautions, please do so. If you want to take individual unnecessary risks because civil liberties… well, looks we won’t be fighting for parking spots at the mall for last minute Christmas shopping this year.

Figure 1: Keeler, J. A., Patki, A., Woodard, C. R., & Frank-Ito, D. O. (2016). A computational study of nasal spray deposition pattern in four ethnic groups. Journal of aerosol medicine and pulmonary drug delivery, 29(2), 153–166.
Figure 2: Races in FFXIV

5 Ways To Be More Introverted

Dear introverts… it’s coming soon. Yes, socially distancing is easy (especially if you’re Black). Yes, you’ve been doing everything right. Yes, your life is being harmed due to the actions of others.

Introversion (and personality in general) isn’t a protected category but this experience deserves to be discussed.

Reason #??? — Not sure where this one will go but…

Remember Reason 3 was Mask-ulinity & a key finding was that men are least likely to wear a mask when walking with women… because muscles are too big for virus & he doesn’t need a mask.

Well women may emit more aerosols when interacting than men, so…

Nature-Nurture Interaction: women’s naturally lower voice means they may exert more effort when speaking (nature) to men who are unlikely to have a mask on due to a desire to look macho (nurture), so men’s inhaled deposited dose may generally be higher than women’s (Murbe et al., 2020). [NOT an official reason yet; needs more review]

If only transhumanism could alter genes so everyone would #WearAMask

From all of us here at GamerGirl, please continue to wear a mask, wash your hands, watch your distance, & wear your glasses. See you next time

— ——— — — — End scene — — — — — — —

Ongoing COVID Sidenotes (this material is just going to be repeated in each article)

→ Mask Selection (Iahn Gonsenhauser, MD, Buckeyes)
“It’s best to use a mask that’s thick enough or has enough layers (two to three is recommended) that you can’t see light through it easily when you hold it up to sunlight. If light can get through it, respiratory droplets likely can, too.”

→ On Exercise (Richard Corsi)
“The respiratory minute volume in units of air inhaled (L/min) is 5 to 10 L/min for rest to simple exertions like driving, to 50 to 60 L/min or more for aerobic exercise. Thus, the heavy breathing resulting from exercise can significantly increase both emissions from an infector and inhaled deposited dose of a receptor.”

→ Choosing a Self-Checkout Station.
Exposure itself is not inhaled dose. The inhaled deposited dose (IDD) of aerosols is how SARS-CoV-2 gets into your respiratory system. The inhaled dose from scanning your groceries in a spot where some nose-agnostic person just sneezed is a dangerously higher than the inhaled dose of scanning your groceries in the spot where some masked person was lightly breathing.

Emission rates for singing were compared with data for breathing and speaking. Significantly higher emission rates were found for singing. The growth rates between singing and speaking were between 3.97 and 99.54” (Murbe et al., the year is obvious)

but would prefer if our lives weren’t held back again because some individuals decided partying on New Years Eve was worth the risk.

Male Gaze & Women’s Vitamin-D Deficiency

#GamerGuy: Why are women more likely to buy/use umbrellas than men?

#GamerGirl: Lighter skinned women have higher value in the intimacy market → parasols help avoid sunlight → better chance to attract the gaze of Magic Mike (risk: Vitamin D deficiency)

Mürbe, D., Fleischer, M., Lange, J., Rotheudt, H., & Kriegel, M. (2020). Aerosol emission is increased in professional singing.

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