Parental Leave Paradox


New parents get equal leave time (maternity & paternity leave) to bond with their newborn, & the gestational parent receives an additional 6–8 weeks to recover from childbirth via disability leave (EEOC, 2015; Kaufman & Petts, 2020; Widiss, 2021).

The Nature of Leave

We’re moving into an economic age where productivity will depend more on your brain than your brawn. Well, which sex evolved over human evolution primarily using their brain power and less their brawn? The XX

The Nurture of Leave

In this 4th revolution, women may excel relative to men as a consequence of traditional models of gender socialization.

Parental Socialization of Emotion

Fabes and Martin (1991) asserted that fathers hold to gender stereotypes and gender norms more so than mothers (e.g., it is acceptable for girls to express sadness but not anger, whereas boys can express anger but not sadness). “Girls are socialized to express and discuss their emotions while boys are socialized to “hold in,” mask, dismiss, or suppress their emotions (Chaplin et al., 2005; Cunningham et al., 2009)”


“Assume direct quotes” — ‘Assume paraphrased quotes from the same source

Towards a Romantic New Deal

Gillian Parker et al., 2022

Divorce Risk Based on Wives Status

— Women out-earn their husbands 22.1% of the time (Murray-Close & Heggeness, 2018).

Competitive Altruism

When males make large donations to attractive female fundraisers, other males respond by making an even bigger one.
That’s how much he cares 🎗 #ItsForTheKids

Sexuality & Personality (The Big 5 Traits)

The XX is more conscientious than the Xy (Schmitt et al., 2008).

Jaroslava Varella Valentova et al., 2016

Straight women described their boyfriends as being less open to experience than lesbians described their girlfriends.

Mark Allen & Davina Robson, 2020

Women are more likely to report a bisexual than an exclusively same-sex orientation whereas men show the opposite pattern (Bailey et al., 2016).

Ayla Deniz, 2020 (Geographies of Intimacy)

“I used Tinder myself in order to reach the participants. I created male and female accounts and I added the details of my research and the participant invitation letter in my profile… The male users I was matched with did not believe that I wanted to meet them only for research purposes. Even when they agreed to meet, I did not receive the sincere answers I expected because they were trying to go on a date with me. Therefore, I decided to focus only on female Tinder users.”

Accumulated Abuse #VAWA

Domestic violence is another context in which some state laws tolerate a physical self-defense response to emotional abuse in the absence of immediacy.



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