Office Hours (UCSD Student Survey)

Student preferences for office hours this autumn

Most students prefer having the options of Office Hours via Zoom OR in-person this Fall, which makes sense considering the threat of P1 & other COVID19 variants.

Office Hour Safety Considerations
— offices are smaller than most classrooms
— 400+ seat auditoriums have better ventilation

Women indicated a higher preference to have an option than males, but most students indicated a desire to make the choice for themselves.

I was confronted with a racial profiling trigger while preparing this information earlier so pray forgive me if anything is slightly off.

As some of you may recall, I was racist profiled in December but only really started calling it what it was in February.

The kind of unnecessary trigger that I experienced this evening are what make it difficult to completely move past the initial racial trauma. It’s the aftershocks after the initial quake that prolong the residuals of trauma.

In the spirit of mental health awareness month, I’m thinking I may put that sign over my doorknob again.


The campus put a sign on my door FOR me #UCSDcares


Out of more than 95 million fully vaccinated Americans, less than 0.001% got breakthrough infections, the CDC reported at the end of April. That includes at least 594 hospitalizations and 112 deaths related to COVID-19.

About 45% of breakthrough infections occurred in people aged 60 and older. That includes cases in nursing homes, where residents and staff were among the first Americans to get vaccinated. Transmission is more likely to occur in congregate-living settings.



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