Non-Reciprocal Altruism

Far Cry 5’s ‘Faith’ was a masterpiece


We must narrow the gap between the promise of our ideals & the realities of our era. We owe it to future generations to bind our aspirations to the hopes of others & courageously work towards an inclusive Majority-Minority America worthy of our increasingly diverse voices of Patriotism.

The Metaphysics of Morals

— If you rescue a lost dog, does it matter whether you did it for the reward money or because you care about reuniting the pup and its family… regardless of the reason, the action creates the outcome that the dog is back at home 💁🏻 #ExitusActaProbat (the outcome justifies the action) (regardless of the meaning)


→ moral judgments have a tripartite structure, often aligned but sometimes separable: consequences — rules — character (RogertheGS). And similarly, rule-followers are seen to be more moral than consequentialists! (Shiri_Spitz)

Interminority Prejudice

  1. Most hate crimes against minority individuals are committed by White individuals.

Temporal Political Preferences

Conservative posts referenced the past to a greater extent than the future and liberal posts referenced the future more than the past. A conceptually parallel cross-over interaction was obtained in Study 2, which analyzed 145 State of the Union addresses. The temporal orientation of conservatives and liberals, then, appears qualitatively different.

Acceptable Rate of Loss

Scott Woods — May 5/2/2021

There’s an acceptable rate of loss in policing around how much city governments are willing to pay in civil case resolutions, rather than reform. There are observable acceptable rates of loss in homelessness, public education funding, and pretty much any other issue you can name. America is historically a “just enough” country when it comes to things like safety and justice.

#COVID & Mental Health

“college students are also vulnerable to major changes in their routine and, as a consequence, to the psychological impact of the pandemic (Khan et al., 2020).

Mask Infection

If you get infected while wearing a mask…

In Colonial Maryland…

Prior to the enactment of anti-interracial marriage laws in 1661, enslaved Black men and indentured White women servants intermarried freely, and their children following the custom of the time acquired the status of their free White mothers.

Prior to Loving v Virginia (1967)

Interminority interracial marriage was legal everywhere in America except North Carolina & Louisiana (which banned interminority marriage between Blacks & Native Americans).



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Dr. Jarryd Willis PhD

Dr. Jarryd Willis PhD


I'm passionate about making a tangible difference in the lives of others, & that's something I have the opportunity to do a professor & researcher.