Netflix, Dubbing, & the Globalization of Narratives

Best Netflix Shows Dubbed in English

Let me know if I missed any shows 💁🏻‍♀️

“Identification might be useful for reducing prejudice and improving social relations (Paluck & Green, 2009)” (Marta Maslaj et al., 2021).

Narrative Transportation — Marta Maslej et al., 2021

Identifying with a character requires us to imagine what it would be like to have different feelings, thoughts, and goals, and in doing so we might engage in deeper reflection about the experiences of other people who are different from us (Iguarta, 2010).

Videogame Immersion & Ace Representation (a 2019 Post)

“Today, videogames represent some of the highest forms of interactive narrative possible” (Stephen-Meadows, 2003).

🎮 Interactive Narratives 🎮

An Argument for the Protection of Distant Worlds

Makowski, S. J. (2021). Jane Austen’s Mean Girls: A Biocultural Approach to Shared Female Experience in Literature and Life.

Attachment Style & Immersion

Fictocriticism (Kristy Westaway)

Jane Austen (Makowski, 2021)

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the Worldwide Web “This is For Everyone”


Multilingual Households

Enclothed Cognition

GPT3 & Ai Of Faith

Death as a metaphor for ostracism: social invincibility, autopsy, necromancy, and resurrection (Andrew Hales, 2018)

Social Media ProTip

Google: Route To Ready

by (Google’s Bethany Poole, 2021 — October) [direct quotes]

Immersion & Performance: Far Cry 6

by Monit Khanna (India Times)

Direct quote from
My Dani

Immersion & Projection Based VR (Biopac)

  • Understand key principles of combining virtual reality + physiological data recording
  • Mark events from the simulation in the physiological record
  • Access physiological data in the VR environment for biofeedback and control
  • Objectively measure workload, stress, and emotion
  • Set up a projection-based virtual reality simulation room
  • Analyze the resulting data

Science Knows No Country

Bilingualism and Gender

bilingual relationships are on the rise internationally,

Gender in Bilingual Intimate Relationships

Feminine & Masculine Languages



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