NeoLiberalism & Entrepreneurial Altruism

Stated succinctly, #NeoLiberalism encourages friendship by audit.

In the Social Media Stock Market currencies of Likes/Followers/DMs etc, Piper is excelling at product maximization. The writers of iCarly were modern-day prophets, though I’m sure they never imagined the monetization of our social architecture — whether in actual dollars or in self-commoditization via social media — would define the social fabric of #Millenials & #iGen in just 10–15 years.


NeoLiberalism: Virtue Signaling as Greenwashing

#Greenwashing is a core component of my #NeoLiberal ideology. We say the right things about nature & use green logos ♻️ for capital accumulation despite doing little in terms of actual actions. In June we even said #BlackLivesMatter.

NeoLiberalism & Transactional Morality: A #GamerGirl Story

Same-Race Bae: “I posted a black square & even included a 5-sentence post in time for my performance of activism to accrue additional likes/followers in June 2020 than I received in June 2019. The exchange rate of my awokeningness was amplified by the fact that several of my subsequent stories involved pics of me at the beach. I mean, I usually never say anything about Elf Lives Matter, but the climate this June meant that speaking up wouldn’t hurt me with my core audience. In fact, summer 2020 was perhaps the greatest period in social media history for transactional morality.

George Floyd’s murder, and the historic discussion about race, colorism, & intersectionality that followed, contributed to President Joe Biden’s & Vice President Kamala Harris’ victory.

— — — — — — — — — — — End scene — — — — — — — — — — —

Image from the Rise of Skywalker (Rey is bae)
evil ← colors are fun → holy
I Take Responsibility

I’m thankful that they did

Robin DiAngelo is an imperfect ally too, but I’m thankful for White Fragility & her other discourses on race.

Thank You

Sidenotes 3.11.2021

Ethnicity Utilitarianism (will add citation)


And he needs to leave the White House by January 6th so it has 2 weeks of quarantine from prejudice. …and COVID19.



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I'm passionate about making a tangible difference in the lives of others, & that's something I have the opportunity to do a professor & researcher.