MultiRacial Erasure in Academia

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· How is this consequential…
· InterMinority MultiRacials May Be Most Affected
President Barack Obama & Vice President Kamala Harris

· MultiRacia Isle

· Sidenotes for Future Pieces
· Race Ratio vs Sex Ratio
· The Salad Bowl That Never Mixes

It may even be the case that the university was 1.5% monoracial X in 2020 & now they’re only 1% monoracial X. So the student enrolls in that university thanks to seeing an increase in 4%, unaware that the group they were concerned with actually decreased by .5%

How is this consequential…

If you’re MultiRacial Black & Hispanic & Japanese student,
→ you will never hear about Hispanic Serving Institution related programs, scholarships, or grants. You would qualify for them, but unlike other students, you’d have to go out of your way to learn about them because you won’t be included in batch outreach emails/campaigns because universities only acknowledge you as Black.

you will never be directed to a plethora of opportunities that would recognize & benefit the fullness of who you are

InterMinority MultiRacials May Be Most Affected

Assuming that there are more scholarships, grants, programs, etc for students from underrepresented groups relative to White students, this erasure of MultiRacial students likely hurts Interminority MultiRacials more than it hurts half-White MultiRacials.

Consider the following example using President Barack Obama & Vice President Kamala Harris

Half-White MultiRacial → President Obama is half-White & half-Black. Given that Black is the category of first resort & White is the category is last resort, he would receive all the emails about Black student orgs on campus, email reminders to apply for specific aid offers before the deadline, campaign invites, networking opportunities, etc.

National Organizations for MultiRacial Individuals

Finally, this reporting structure means that there are fewer funds/resources being allocated to programs, aid, networking events, etc that specifically for MultiRacial students. If you would like to know more about these issues & others please contact one of the national MultiRacial organizations listed below and/or consider joining the Mixed Student Union (or similar group) on your campus.

MultiRacia Isle

Unlike other student orgs, we have no shared language, traditions/rituals, historic statues/ ancient texts, or a sovereign MultiRacial country of ethnogeographic relevance to our MultiRacial heritage.

Logo for Mixed Student Union at UCSD; Mascot = Chimera

Sidenotes for Future Pieces

Race Ratio vs Sex Ratio

Sex ratios that don’t take campus & community ethnoracial diversity into account assume a non-normative level of disassortative mating exists. Although MultiRacial individuals are the most desired non-coethnic mates on the racial hierarchy of mate preferences (see MultiRacial Dividend Effect; Curington et al., 2015), there’s not a significant degree of ‘pride’ for the interracial couples that create MultiRacial individuals. Thus, at increasingly diverse universities, racial/ethnic diversity has to be factored into the relative sex ratio.

Primary Ethnicity Reclassification Hierarchy

4.28 Addendum on Harm

Right now Multiracial Black-Chinese students are only receiving org info, networking/ event info, etc related to their Black identity & nothing related to their Chinese identity because Black is the Primary Ethnicity of first resort. As such, that student may go through their entire college life & completely miss the opportunity to learn about & create bonds with & celebrate aspects of & etc their Chinese identity. That’s time that people can’t get back. And it’s time that is lost because some Multiracial-erasing hierarchy decided how that student was going to be identified.

it will significantly enrich the college experience of thousands of current students & countless students in the years to come



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