Most Cars Are Women

Dr. Jarryd Willis PhD
3 min readFeb 22, 2022

Most people name their car & they give them female names

Of those who named their car, a majority of men (71.1%) & a plurality of women (44.7%) gave their car a female name, χ2(2, N = 132) = 10.58, p = .005.

In an instagram poll, most voted that the majority of inanimate objects are females. To the extent that an object/item someone values enough to name is likely an item that one is motivated to protect, giving it a female name may be associated with cultural scripts associated with women needing to be protected. If Chad gives his car a female name he can now be his car’s driver in shining armor.




Siri & Replika

Chabeli Carrazana (2020): “Right before this pandemic started

in December of 2019, women surpassed men as the majority of the labor force…

they got to that 50.04%, just edging out men.”



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