💙💜💖Mixed Orientation Couples 2

Buxton, 2001 — N=3,500 spouses in mixed sexuality marriages

Buxton, 2004

Bisexuals & Sex of Lover

Yim et al., 2022 (my lab at UCSD 🔱)

Sparknotes / Appetizers


bisexual men are more likely to wear a condom when having sex with men than when having sex with women



Romantic Orientation

Avoiding Bi-Erasure Based on Sex of Lover — Daly et al., 2018

Kwok et al., 2020: Bisexual Women’s Relationship Expectations Based on the Sex of Her Lover

Bi-Parents — Bowling et al., 2018

Mixed-Orientation Marriages that are “discordant based on relational orientation (e.g. monogamous, polyamorous) reported more stress and relationship problems.”

Michael Neath, 2019

Jordal, 2011 (N = 14 Mixed Orientation Marriages) [b]

Non-Heteronormativity & Division of Labor

They Have Higher Than Average Opposite-Sex Friends

Zoubkova, 2020

Li & Samp, 2021

Sidenotes: Reprise

Lifetime Use of Birth Control

Sexual Pleasure


pansexuals will “not reference gender at all when describing attraction patterns (Belous & Bauman, 2017)” (Sierra Stein, 2020).

Lesbians’ Sexual Choosiness

6.30 Update



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