☯️Mixed Faith 2: Interreligious Parents & Interfaith Multiracial Daters

Preliminary Data [Pre-PrePrint]

1. Interracial couples are more likely to be interreligious, and interracial couples have multiracial children.


1. Interracial couples are significantly more likely to be interreligious than monoracial couples, χ2(1, N = 1478) = 50.04, p < .001.

Something With Something Else

Most (70.7%) interfaith couples are something with nothing (i.e., Christian-Atheist, Hindu-Agnostic).

Atheist or Agnostic?

Monoracials (36.2%) are less likely to identify as atheist or agnostic than multiracials (50.7%), χ2(1, N= 1311) = 16.57, p< .001.


? — Question/Hypothesis: Interracial Remarriage Preference

For multiracials whose biological parents divorced & remarried, is their second marriage with someone of a different race?

Are divorcees of interracial 1st marriages less likely to enter into a same-race marriage when they remarry than divorcees of same-race 1st marriages?

? — About Twins & Interracial Preference

If one identical twin marries interracially, is their twin likely to do so at a rate higher than that observed for fraternal twins?

Consistency of Interracial Mate Preferences

…those with stable ethnic dating preferences (preferring to consistently date either a same-ethnicity or a different-ethnicity partner throughout high school) maintained these preferences over time” (Chan & Kiang, 2021, p. 76).

European Queens & Madam Vice President Kamala Harris (& Doug) (Dube & Harish, 2015)

An analysis of European rulers from 1480 to 1913 found an “asymmetry in how queens relied on male spouses and kings relied on female spouses [that] strengthened the relative capacity of queenly reigns” (Dube & Harish, 2015).



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