☯️Mixed Faith 2: Interreligious Parents & Interfaith Multiracial Daters

Interracial couples are interfaith, multiracials have interfaith parents, & multiracials date interreligiously (compared to monoracials)

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Preliminary Data [Pre-PrePrint]
· Something With Something Else

Consistency of Interracial Mate Preferences
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1. Interracial couples are more likely to be interreligious, and interracial couples have multiracial children.

2. Thus, it follows that multiracial individuals should be more likely to grow up in households where their parents are different religions.

3. Moreover, being nurtured with religious diversity should increase their propensity to date interreligiously relative to monoracials.

1. Interracial couples are significantly more likely to be interreligious than monoracial couples, χ2(1, N = 1478) = 50.04, p < .001.

2. Multiracials’ parents are significantly more likely to be different religions than monoracials’ parents, χ2(1, N = 371) = 17.08, p < .001.

3. Multiracials are significantly more likely to date someone of a different faith than monoracials, χ2(1, N = 1255) = 5.16, p = .023.

Something With Something Else

Most (70.7%) interfaith couples are something with nothing (i.e., Christian-Atheist, Hindu-Agnostic).

Among BiFaith couples (interfaith couples in which both members are people of faith), they’re most likely to be Abrahamic-Buddhist (44.4%), Abrahamic-Abrahamic (24.8%), & Abrahamic-Spiritual (15.8%), χ2(4, N= 133) = 64.11, p < .001.

Abrahamic believers (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) would rather date a non-Abrahamic person (74.8%) than someone of a different Abrahamic faith (25.2%), χ2(1, N = 131) = 32.25, p < .001.

Atheist or Agnostic?

Monoracials (36.2%) are less likely to identify as atheist or agnostic than multiracials (50.7%), χ2(1, N= 1311) = 16.57, p< .001.


For multiracials whose biological parents divorced & remarried, is their second marriage with someone of a different race?

Or did they marry someone whose racial background matches that of their offspring (whether partially matches or completely matches [as in they married a multiracial individual with the same composition as their offspring]?

Are divorcees of interracial 1st marriages less likely to enter into a same-race marriage when they remarry than divorcees of same-race 1st marriages?

If one identical twin marries interracially, is their twin likely to do so at a rate higher than that observed for fraternal twins?

…those with stable ethnic dating preferences (preferring to consistently date either a same-ethnicity or a different-ethnicity partner throughout high school) maintained these preferences over time” (Chan & Kiang, 2021, p. 76).

An analysis of European rulers from 1480 to 1913 found an “asymmetry in how queens relied on male spouses and kings relied on female spouses [that] strengthened the relative capacity of queenly reigns” (Dube & Harish, 2015).

Specifically, “queens often put their spouses in charge of official state matters. This division of labor would then have freed up time and resources for queens.” Conversely, “kings typically were less inclined to put their spouses in official positions through which they could aid in managing the polity.

More Spousal Support = More Success 💁🏻‍♀️

The outcome of this “greater division of labor under queenly reigns” was associated with greater success for her country, “allowing queens to not only be more invested but also more successful than their peers who acted alone” (Tanya Basu, 2016).

As such, Vice President Kamala Harris may be more successful than all previous VPs as she may delegate her husband Doug to more tasks than all previous VPs ever delegated their spouses.



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