Maskual Harassment

Dr. Jarryd Willis PhD
5 min readDec 17, 2020


“Said he would have tipped me better if I didn’t have a mask on”

Maskual Harassment, a term coined by One Fair Wage, defines the phenomenon of women service workers being asked to take off their masks before being tipped.

“Said he would have tipped me better if I didn’t have a mask on.”

“i bet youre so hot under that mask” — “i wouldnt be able to stay 6 ft from you”

¨”I have been discriminated against because of my sexuality and because of my partner’s ethnicity more than ever within the last 6 months!”

(I feel like I was racially profiled tonight so I will go ahead & publish now & return to revise Thursday after I try to sleep after what happened. Can this be applied to the KAREN Act here in California? I’m thankful for the police who are only doing their job but for the person(s) who reported it in the first place.

That person acted imperfectly in calling the police on someone after there was ample evidence that they were inside their own office. I even grabbed my Bible at one point when he entered without consent. Bible in one hand & Siri in the other (as you can see I held up my iPhone to record the entire time. During the sequel, I called the police — and then he arrived with the police while I was on the phone requesting an escort/safety to come to my office.

I turned on Zoom to record to the Cloud the second time (I’ve already downloaded the hardcopy of the video. I know the video is apparently 19 minutes long but it was only actually like 3 minutes with the officers there. The additional 15+ minutes was just me sitting in my chair & trying to breathe & readjust to the shock. I didn’t expect to see armed officers appear at my door in the middle of a literature review for a book chapter I’ve been invited to write lol

To be clear — all love for our Triton police simply doing their job. Whoever made that report should maybe complete diversity training, but I don’t want the person(s) to lose their job given how difficult things are right now.)

#GamerGirl: …

GamerGuy: Remember Du Bois & double consciousness — everyone is watching you but no one is saying a word to you? Just because we elected #PresidentBiden & #MVPKamala doesn’t mean reality ended… or else the events today/tonight (whenever they occured) wouldn’t have happened

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We’re going to need some serious diversity training in 2021 because the only sphere of life where people reliably experience diversity is at work.

Basically, we’re going to be returning to the in-person workplace in 2021 about as rusty on interpersonal tact in intergroup relations as Kobe was when returning from his achilles injury.

…and humanity has never achieved ‘Kobe Bryant’ level interpersonal relations skills in the first place (as made painfully obvious in June/July 2020). Hope everyone in [insert retail clothing store]’s Human Resources is ready for all the microaggression complaints they will be receiving in August.

Link to the full report:

83% Report that tips have decreased since COVID-19.

66% Report that tips have decreased since COVID-19 by at least 50% or more.

65% On a weekly basis has received a decreased tip from a customer in response to enforcing COVID-19 safety protocols.

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88% Knows someone who has contracted COVID-19.

42% Of those who know someone infected, percent who knows someone who has died from COVID-19 or COVID-19 Complications.

44% Employees who report that one or more employees at their restaurant has contracted COVID-19.

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Psychic Numbing

“The indifference that sets in when we are confronted with overwhelming calamity.”

.1% of America has died since March due to #COVID19

“One life is valuable, but that life loses value, perceptually, if it is part of a larger tragedy.”

- Paul Slovic, PhD,

Thankfully I’ve only had female landlords since 2011. This is something that men rarely (possibly never) have to deal with 🤦🏼‍♀️

The first 3 graphs are from data collected from #UCSD #Psychology students halfway through the Spring 2020 Quarter while taking courses via #UCzoom (~400 students in my class). Synopsis: Location matters. The 4th image shows 2 graphs that two women in my Statistics/ #SPSS course at Mesa College submitted as part of their class project in December 2019. Yes… 2019, as though they could predict the immediate future relevance of their research question: does location matter when it comes to studying & distraction? Granted, they only had 21 subjects (13 women), they found that studying was generally less efficacious & was more vulnerable to distractions when at home. 📵 These home vs campus findings reflect past research. Among Black students, those who live on campus in residence halls have significantly higher GPAs than those living at home (Turley & Wodtke, 2010). Among 1st-Generation & underrepresented students, there is a “strong positive association between distance from home and students’ odds of completing a bachelor’s degree” (Garza & Fullerton, 2018). In short, this situation is affecting students in different ways based on their background. Content difficulty may need to be adjusted because this is a unique hardship for everyone. It doesn’t mean making a course into an easy pass; it just means that some student-centered pedagogical adaptations borne from situational-awareness would suggest that our quizzes/assignments/exams shouldn’t cover every tome & epistle that we would otherwise test them on if we were all gathered within one of the many bastions of erudition on our campuses. Doubtless the restructuring of end of quarter assessments/exams will entail no small amount of intellectual labor, though it is a modest — albeit necessary — first step as we prepare for 3 hours of content during summer session. To repeat: summer lectures are 😶3 hours😶in length & these are the current statistics with 1 hour sessions. I’ll be among the #Synchronous professors this summer; obviously providing the #asynchronous recordings as well as part of #Hybridization. Also, this was the first time i won #Twitter all year 😅 #TeacherLife (at UC San Diego)



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