Linguistic Hierarchy of Mating Preferences

People may perceive more hypergamy than they report desiring on this…

Figure 1 Findings → Hypergamy

— A short woman has a better chance of finding love than her equally short twin brother.

Incidental Catfishing

Figure 2 Findings → InterLinguistic Marriage

But since migration usually leads to downward occupational mobility & there’s a sex pay gap, most immigrant households are more likely to speak the husband’s language & he’ll have a better chance at a high earning job in the new linguistic location.

Linguistic Preferences by Sex

Linguistic Hypergamy or Homophily

— Unlike with height/age, there is no socially desirable shorter/younger option with linguistics.

Importantly, linguistic preference may track similarly to educational preferences, such that males may prefer multilingual women less than women prefer multilingual men.

The US is the 5th most linguistically diverse country in the number of languages spoken & ironically most of our population only speaks one language.

InterMinority Prejudice As InterLinguistic

Sidenotes (per usual, assume direct quotes)


Technically the first cyborg — a rat with an implanted osmotic pump (via Andy Clark).

If ‘will’ is possible then ‘will’ will happen.

Even an attempted suppression of ‘will’ is still an act of ‘will’.

Thus, the emotions (if possible), thoughts, & behaviors of any sentient biological or mechanical being capable of self-determination are a reflection of that being’s will.
(Caveats: coding virus, hacking, alcohol, & other forms of impairment)

Levin et al., 2007 → “Students who dated outside their group more during college showed less ingroup bias and intergroup anxiety at the end of college, but also felt more pressure not to socialize with or date members of other groups.”

Peer influence → Peer influence affects judgments of dating desirability (Graziano et al., 1993). Participants expressed more romantic desire for someone desired by their peers than someone rated negatively by their peers.

Political Romantics → Political orientation is a significant predictor of someone’s openness to interracial dating (Herman & Campbell, 2012)

USA’s 2 national studies over the next ~2 months

B. Among unmasked ppl, can we tell which ones are #vaccinated? Will #Unvaccinated ppl follow the honor system or go maskless to fit in?

Last year when the CDC said we didn’t need masks it was the most calamitous reversal of scientific public health messaging I’ve ever seen in my life.

So I’m keeping my mask on & distancing a bit longer.

‘We lived, as usual by ignoring. Ignoring isn’t the same as ignorance, you have to work at it.’ (Margaret Atwood in The Handmaid’s Tale)

Prelude to a Kiss: Nonverbal Flirting, Opening Gambits, and Other Communication Dynamics in the Initiation of Romantic Relationships

Height Sidenotes (to be continued)

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Utilitarianism Sidenotes

Supernormal Stimulus

Why I Always Have GamerGirl in High Heels

“A woman walking in high heels is a “supernormal stimulus” — that is, an enhanced version of a stimulus found in nature.

While wearing high-heeled shoes, the women “walked in a fashion more characteristic of female gait.” Specifically, “walkers in high heels took smaller, more frequent steps,” and this reduction in the length of their stride was accompanied by “increased rotation and tilt of the hips.”

In other words, they argue, high heels exaggerate [sex differences in walking & make the wearer appear more feminine]. This stimulates “sexual arousal in males,” as well as increased attentiveness on the part of women who are scoping out potential competitors for male attention.

Persuad & Bruggen — Psychology Today (8 / 28/ 2015): “The biomechanical results are also consistent with the theory that wearing high heels makes women look more attractive by making them more feminine, as the effect of heels was to exaggerate some sex-specific elements of female gait including:
- greater pelvic rotation
- increased vertical motion at the hip
- shorter strides
- higher number of steps per minute.

The authors of this new study contend that high heels appear to act in a similar way to what is referred to in evolutionary theory as a “super releaser.” For example, some birds prefer large artificial eggs that they cannot even sit on, to their own normal size eggs. Female baboons with a larger than normal swelling of the bottom associated with the sexually receptive period of their cycle, arouse greater sexual interest in males. [High heels have the same effect on human males because they] exaggerate sex-specific aspects of the female walk, [producing a supernormal stimulus & thus sexual arousal in men].

But there have been numerous fashions that have not been congruent with an evolutionary model. For example, female shoulder pads in the 1980s emphasized a particularly male aspect of the body. Flapper dresses in the 1920s didn’t emphasize the female figure, the authors of this study point out.

Fashions by their very nature are ephemeral, but trends that endure (such as high heels for females) emphasize sex-specific aspects of the body. Other styles, such as shoulder pads, will reoccur infrequently over time, as they are poorly matched with our biology.

[In the 1980s]… “As women took charge, they had to become ‘masculine’ in dress and appearance. Broad shoulders = alpha male = power and status. ‘Workwear’ for women still mimics male apparel… but this should also be a transient fashion if more women achieve high status roles.”

Morris et al., 2013 — High Heels

[What are other examples of Temporary Utilitarianism]

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