Linguistic Hierarchy of Mating Preferences

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People may perceive more hypergamy than they report desiring on this…

Figure 1 Findings → Hypergamy

— A multilingual man is more likely to date a monolingual woman than a multilingual woman is to date a monolingual man.

— A short woman has a better chance of finding love than her equally short twin brother.

Incidental Catfishing

Zoom Dating gives short males a better chance than if they meet someone in person. This is because the benefit of height is all but non-existent via Zoom. Thus, some individuals who began dating short males via Zoom may perceive them as catfish when they meet in person. Such a perception would be incorrect as Catfishing is generally considered to be an intentional action. This would be an instance of incidental catfishing because Zoom may make it look like they were hiding their height when in fact they had no ulterior motive.

Figure 2 Findings → InterLinguistic Marriage

Though about a third of respondents reported no linguistic preference, most reported that people would display a homophily preference. That is, multilinguals would want to date multilinguals & monolinguals would want to date monolinguals.

But since migration usually leads to downward occupational mobility & there’s a sex pay gap, most immigrant households are more likely to speak the husband’s language & he’ll have a better chance at a high earning job in the new linguistic location.

Linguistic Preferences by Sex

Linguistic Hypergamy or Homophily

— For now, it looks like men are rejecting hypergamy in favor of homophily. Alas, more subjects are needed.

— Unlike with height/age, there is no socially desirable shorter/younger option with linguistics.

Importantly, linguistic preference may track similarly to educational preferences, such that males may prefer multilingual women less than women prefer multilingual men.

The US is the 5th most linguistically diverse country in the number of languages spoken & ironically most of our population only speaks one language.

InterMinority Prejudice As InterLinguistic

Sidenotes (per usual, assume direct quotes)

Though Filipino nurses only make up 4% of all RNs in the United States, Filipinos account for 26.4% of nurses who have died from COVID (National Nurses United, 2021).


Technically the first cyborg — a rat with an implanted osmotic pump (via Andy Clark).

If ‘will’ is possible then ‘will’ will happen.

Even an attempted suppression of ‘will’ is still an act of ‘will’.

Thus, the emotions (if possible), thoughts, & behaviors of any sentient biological or mechanical being capable of self-determination are a reflection of that being’s will.
(Caveats: coding virus, hacking, alcohol, & other forms of impairment)

Levin et al., 2007 → “Students who dated outside their group more during college showed less ingroup bias and intergroup anxiety at the end of college, but also felt more pressure not to socialize with or date members of other groups.”

Peer influence → Peer influence affects judgments of dating desirability (Graziano et al., 1993). Participants expressed more romantic desire for someone desired by their peers than someone rated negatively by their peers.

Political Romantics → Political orientation is a significant predictor of someone’s openness to interracial dating (Herman & Campbell, 2012)

USA’s 2 national studies over the next ~2 months

A. Is there surge in cases 2 weeks after #July4th? If not, we can begin Post-Life.

B. Among unmasked ppl, can we tell which ones are #vaccinated? Will #Unvaccinated ppl follow the honor system or go maskless to fit in?

Last year when the CDC said we didn’t need masks it was the most calamitous reversal of scientific public health messaging I’ve ever seen in my life.

So I’m keeping my mask on & distancing a bit longer.

‘We lived, as usual by ignoring. Ignoring isn’t the same as ignorance, you have to work at it.’ (Margaret Atwood in The Handmaid’s Tale)

Prelude to a Kiss: Nonverbal Flirting, Opening Gambits, and Other Communication Dynamics in the Initiation of Romantic Relationships

In films, romance often begins with the leading man offering a clever conversational opening gambit to the leading lady. The woman may not be immediately smitten. In An Affair to Remember (Wald & McCary, 1957), Terry McKay, played by Deborah Kerr, responded to Nickie Ferrante with the sarcastic comeback “Tell me, have you been getting results with a line like that?” Nonetheless, her interest was piqued, and the scene ended with the two going to dinner together, which ultimately escalated into a love affair. As a result of such media scripts, many males believe that the secret to romance is to use a good pickup line. Or, as stated with boundless optimism by Will Smith as Alex Hitchens in Tennant’s (2005) Hitch, almost half a century after Cary Grant, “No matter what, no matter when, no matter who, any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet. He just needs the right broom.”

Height Sidenotes (to be continued)

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