Life Syllabus

Cell-mediated immunity following vaccination is higher in women (Umlauf et al 2012), as the protective antibody response is twice as high in women (Klein et al., 2010)

Personal Statements & Origin Stories

Each contributes in a weighted fashion to understanding the whole person


Rosé Font in Microsoft Word: 252–104–100

Millennial & iGen Courtship Evolution

Familiality of Sexuality: Part 3

LG subjects were more likely to have LGBTQIA+ parents than straight subjects

Daughters of lesbians were more likely to be lesbian or bisexual (29.7%) & sons of lesbians were more likely to be gay or bisexual (10.3%) than the daughters/sons of the National Survey of Family Growth (12.3% daughters; 2.4% sons) (Gartrell et al., 2019)

Inspiration — Jennifer Rocha 2021

6.17 Update (quoting piece by Erika Johnson)

UC San Diego Celebrates the Resilience of 2021 Grads

Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla lauded graduates for their perseverance during a historic time of tumult.

Executive Vice Chancellor Elizabeth H. Simmons

Alicia Garza — co-creator of Black Lives Matter — gave the commencement address here at her alma mater, UC San Diego:

Student Commencement Speaker Francesca Hart:



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