Lesbians Rated Best at Making the First Move — Courtship Survey

Data Collection Notes.

5 Ways To be More Introverted (part 7)

Lesbians report a higher proportion of initiation than straight women. (Gonzalez-Rivas & Peterson, 2020)… which surprised no one.

Monoracial Desires & Dating Experience (descriptive statistics).

Openness to Interracially Dating Hispanic Singles Based on Past Dating Experience

“Diversity preferences will vary by domain such that diversity of all types will be most desired in the least intimate domain (the university), and least desired in the most intimate domain (roommate)” (Haidt et al., 2001).

Things You Didn’t Know About Bisexuals

The relations of superiority and subalternity in masculinities occur because their pertinent carriers adjust themselves to heteronormativity. Thus, those who are closest to what is expected of a heterosexual will enjoy higher positions and, in the same sense, those who disagree with the expected occupy inferior positions, which ends up by hierarchizing masculinities, so that the most valued man is the more masculine, and all other manifestations of masculinity (Rumens, 2017) are distributed in positions inferior to him.

Saraiva et al., 2020

Breakups Can Be/Are/Will Be Tense.

Cites To Behold (short section)



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