LatinAsians: Why South Korean Netflix Shows Are Dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese

Dr. Jarryd Willis PhD
4 min readDec 4, 2022

Though I’m hopeful more shows will be dubbed in English 🙏🏻

South Korea is the Best On Netflix

Koreans are the 3rd largest #Latinasian group & Brazil is their #1 destination (another reason why @NetflixKR always dubs in Brazilian Portuguese).

South Korea’s Birthrate & Multicultural Families

South Korea has the lowest birthrate in the world (Statistics Korea, 2019). One policy solution has been “importing marriage migrants to replace native South Korean women seeking to advance their careers.

“South Korean women are marrying later & having fewer children, or foregoing both, to advance their careers… shrinking the pool of marriage partners.

[Thus] in less than a decade, South Korea transformed itself from a “country of non-immigration” to a “multicultural society.”


Brazil has the largest Japanese pop outside Japan. Since Japanese-Brazilians who move to Japan often only speak Portuguese, it’s now the 3rd most spoken language in Japan.

Korean Diaspora


Indonesia, like Brazil/ USA/ Canada/ Mexico/ Turkey/ UK, is one of the most mixed countries in the world (Graeme Hugo, 2015), with lineages associated with India, Africa, China, Southeast Asia, & other ethnogeographic regions (Herawati Sudoyo, 2017)

[This piece is a living document & will be expanded]

China — Chen & Liu, 2021

— “In comparison to their male counterparts, divorced women in China face more social pressure and discrimination, & are less likely to remarry (Ding & Xu, 2015).

— It is still rare to see Chinese man-White woman marriages in China (Pan, 2015).

— In China, stigmatized Chinese women prefer dating White men to extricate themselves from the Chinese patriarchy (Liu, 2017; Zurndorfer, 2018).

— Mainstream Chinese cultural expectations of ideal femininity are typically embodied by ‘fair-skinned’ women (Ding & Xu, 2015, p. 98). [Thus, some Chinese women may seek western men because their] ‘tanned skin’ is not favored by Chinese men.

— Asian men have consistently been portrayed as asexual or sexually unattractive (Han, 2008; Nemoto, 2009); conversely, Asian women have traditionally been portrayed as hyperfeminine and hypersexual, that is to say, sexually available (Koshy, 2004; Shimizu, 2007).

— Women are expected to get married by the age of 27 and to be subordinate to their husbands (Fincher, 2014; Gaetano, 2014).

— Sex before marriage is a more serious moral issue for Chinese women compared with their male counterparts (Yuxin, 2011). (Chen & Liu, 2021)

“Premarital sex is still considered as immoral in the Chinese society, & women in particular are expected to preserve their virginity until marriage (Zheng et al., 2011).”


👶🏻Draghi-Lorenz et al., 2001 (5 month olds)

Moms’ attention to another adult led to crying in 10% of infants whereas moms’ attention to another baby led to crying in 50% of infants. Infant jealousy is greater for moms than dads (Szabó et al., 2014).

Brody et al. (1992) — Father Buffer Effect

Positive interactions between 1stborns & dad after the birth of a 2nd child are associated with positive sibling behaviors, while negative interactions are associated with negative sibling behaviors.

Volling and Belsky (1992)

Changes in the mother-firstborn relationship following the arrival of a 2nd child predicts sibling conflict, while the strength of the father-firstborn relationship predicts sibling prosociality.

(Logic: Moms spend more time with newborns than dads, so dad can use some of his time to ensure the firstborn doesn’t feel neglected due to the arrival of the second child)

“South Korea has the fastest Internet connection speed & the highest internet penetration rate of 96%, being cited as “the most heavily connected society.”

“In 2018, China reached more than 1 billion 4G users, making China the biggest online population worldwide (Xinhua, 2018).”

“According to the 2008–2012 American Community Survey, “54.1% of Black/Whites, 72.8% of American Indian/Whites, and 69.1% of Asian/Whites have a White spouse” (Miyawaki, 2015).



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