Introverts vs. COVID19

A “Golden Age For Introverts” (Brooks & Moser, 2020)

Extraverts have felt more deprived during COVID lockdown than introverts (Anglim & Horwood, 2020). This is corroborated by several COVID19 studies revealing that higher extraversion is associated with lower engagement in social distancing practices & less adherence to CDC/WHO health recommendations during the pandemic.

R. ide Sharing

Extroverted people were more inclined to share a smaller vehicle with strangers, whilst more introverted people preferred larger vehicles (Wells & Wadud, 2019).

S. trong Situations & Weak Situations

Weak Situation = mancave, shehen, yellow light
Strong Situation = funeral, elevators, red light

V. iral Risk

Introversion may be protective against contagious infections insofar as “introverts may demonstrate incidental compliance with social distancing by nature of their personality. For example, Smith et al. (1990) found that introverts were less likely than extraverts to have colds and more likely to have sub-clinical infections. Epidemiological modeling research by Platini and Zia (2010) suggests that introverts are likely to prevent the excessive accumulation of social interactants, and would begin to “cut links” upon reaching their preferred stationary state. In contrast, extraverts would seek to increase their social network as their preferred social state is exponentially higher than that of introverted individuals” (Willis et al., Revise-and-Resubmit).

Z. oom Camera Conformity

Among non-conforming students, introverts are more likely to have their Zoom cameras off, & extraverts to have their cameras on or off, regardless of what other students are doing, χ2 (4, N = 294)= 11.91 , p = .018.

Figure 1. Wellness & Mental Health

Figure 2: Zoom Camera Conformity

Multiple Regression Exists & No One Said It Was Only One Thing

We live in a world where multiple regression exists. That means that there’s always going to be more than just 1 predictor, reason, explanation, etc that contributes to a finding.

Jacobson vs. Massachusetts (1905 — Quarantine)

Implicit Bias & Microaggressions

CatFran: Can you explain implicit bias again?

Your Skin is Too Dark For Us

(GamerGirl Citations)

America’s Tripartite Racial (or Tri-Racial) Hierarchy

1 — Top = Whites & multiracials (relative to skin tone) on top,

Interminority MultiRacials Marriages Prior to #Loving v Virginia (1967)

Interminority #interracial marriage was legal everywhere in America except NC & LA.

Thus, the majority of #multiracial people prior to Loving v Virginia were interminority multiracials.

The Loving ruling gave Americans who are White the right to marry Americans who aren’t White.



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