Interoception & Interoceptive Forecasting (Intratemporal Choices Part 2)

We don’t have the same 24 hours, whether taking public transport, getting by on caffeine, Lithium, or days when your pain scale is a 2 out of 10.

As Shailja Patel clarified, we don’t have the same 24 hours.

Interoceptive Awareness & Forecasting

Interoception is knowing/interpreting/understanding how your body feels.
The peer-reviewed definition of it, per Price & Hooven (2018), is,

“interoceptive awareness involves the processing of inner sensations so that they become available to conscious awareness (Cameron, 2001)”


“Interoception is the perception of sensations from inside the body and includes the perception of physical sensations related to internal organ function such as heart beat, respiration, satiety, as well as the autonomic nervous system activity related to emotions (Vaitl, 1996; Cameron, 2001; Craig, 2002; Barrett et al., 2004)”

Interoceptive Forecasting is anticipating/knowing (from experience perhaps) how you’re going to feel later & using that information to determine how to allocate your time in the present.

The simplest example of how everyone engages in this process is when we consider
→ how sleepy we’re getting
→ the latency between our last energetic moment & sleepiness-awareness
→ we determine at what time we’ll likely be too sleepy to continue on some cognitively demanding task & try to get as much of it done in the remaining time we’ve calculated for ourselves as we can

Thus, if our 2 remaining tasks at 8pm are to complete a term paper & hang up clothes, it makes more sense to complete the term paper first & then hang up our clothes as that’s a task that can be completed on zombie autopilot mode.

If you recently had a coffee/ red bull/ etc, don’t waste it hanging up clothes. Use that to complete your term paper.

Fear of Wasting Time (Excerpts)

By Marina @Mindful MissApr 26, 2019·

“…aware of my own looming mortality, I constantly feel like I don’t have enough time…

…cleaning my apartment, shaving my legs, putting on makeup in the morning, commuting to work. I just want to do these things once and be done with it. Crossing them off my list doesn’t bring me any sense of satisfaction, because I know I will never be done with these tasks…”

“…I’m afraid of dying before becoming successful or doing something meaningful…”

“…the limited free time I do have needs to be spent in the most strategically productive manner possible. I can’t have bad or “off” days, I can’t be sick…”

“…I don’t have enough time to contribute to each of these baskets equally…”

“…how I define tasks as productive or a good use of my time. I usually need my work to have tangible results in order to feel fulfilled. I need my tasks to have an end date, a conclusion…”

Why? “Knowledge? Success? Freedom? Meaning? Contentment? Enlightenment?” For what purpose?

(This piece is part of the 5 Ways to Be More Introverted series)

3.29 Update

“The time between the moment you close your laptop on Friday and the moment your alarm goes off on Monday morning can feel shockingly short. But it isn’t. Assuming eight hours of sleep a night, there are 37 waking hours between 5 p.m. Friday and 10 p.m. Sunday. That’s nearly the equivalent of a full work week — which seldom feels like it disappears into nothingness, even for people who like their jobs.

But a key difference between weekdays and weekends is that work hours have built-in accountability. We think through how we’re going to spend our working hours with certain outcomes in mind. Weekends? Not so much.

I’m not saying you need to plan every minute of your weekends. But having a good sense of where your weekend hours go can help you see their abundance. That, in turn, can help you spend them in a way that makes life feel more fun.

time-tracking doesn’t sound like fun, but it’s really not that bad. Time-tracking apps are abundant and pretty easy to use, but writing down your schedule in a little notebook works too. I check in with my spreadsheets three times a day, noting what I’ve done since the last check-in. Each check-in takes about a minute. This means my tracking is the time equivalent of brushing my teeth…

While leisure time isn’t as rare as we make it out to be, it is still precious and much too important to treat mindlessly.

Being intentional about how you’d like to spend it” decreases the odds that you’ll feel like it slipped “away without you noticing.”

Free Time ≠ Available


I'm passionate about making a tangible difference in the lives of others, & that's something I have the opportunity to do a professor & researcher.

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