Interoception & Interoceptive Forecasting (Intratemporal Choices Part 2)

As Shailja Patel clarified, we don’t have the same 24 hours.

Article 1 → IntraTemporal Choices & Paid Attention

Interoceptive Awareness & Forecasting

“interoceptive awareness involves the processing of inner sensations so that they become available to conscious awareness (Cameron, 2001)”

“Interoception is the perception of sensations from inside the body and includes the perception of physical sensations related to internal organ function such as heart beat, respiration, satiety, as well as the autonomic nervous system activity related to emotions (Vaitl, 1996; Cameron, 2001; Craig, 2002; Barrett et al., 2004)”

Fear of Wasting Time (Excerpts)

3.29 Update

Maximizing Weekend Time by Laura Vanderkam

Consumption of a dark roast coffee blend reduces DNA damage in humans: results from a 4-week randomised controlled study



Intratemporally Aware Conversation (May 30th)



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Dr. Jarryd Willis PhD

Dr. Jarryd Willis PhD

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