Interminority Multiracials

The majority of multiracials before Loving v Virginia were interminority

Prior to landmark Loving v Virginia victory in 1967, most multiracials were interminority because the only interracial marriage that was legal was interracial marriage between minorities.

Americans who were White weren’t allowed to marry anyone who wasn’t White.

Americans who were Black, Hispanic, East Asian, Native American, Indian, Middle Eastern, mixed — they were all allowed to marry interracially as long as their spouse wasn’t White. Thus, most pre-1967 multiracials were interminority multiracials.

Today, interminority multiracials are a minority within the multiracial group. That’s a remarkable yet historically & contemporarily unacknowledged epoch of change for an entire ethnoracial group.

Interminority Geographies and The Cost of Interracial Courtship

Some interminority couples are more common in The South than in Progressive states. White Americans in Progressive states tend to be more open to dating interracially (some states in the Deep South still opposed interracial marriage in large numbers as recently as the 90s) & thus minorities in those states may be more likely to try & court a White lover compared to minorities living in the South.

For instance, Black-Asian couples are far more common in the South than in California, Oregon, & Washington

As such, the South may have more interminority multiracials than some (or most) progressive states, & progressive states would have a higher proportion of half-White multiracials.

Dyadic Discrimination

We need to start tracking hate crimes against units/couples as opposed to just individuals.

MultiRacial Generations

When a half Black & Half Hispanic multiracial dates someone Black, it’s an interracial couple on two levels.

Scenario One

  1. At least one of the ethnoracial backgrounds between the partners doesn’t match — in this case the Hispanic half.
  2. A person composed of two ethnoracial backgrounds is dating someone composed of one ethnoracial background.

Scenario Two

  1. When a Black-Indian multiracial dates an Indian-Vietnamese multiracial, they are interracial because at least one of the ethnoracial backgrounds between the partners doesn’t match — in this case the Black & Vietnamese backgrounds.
  2. They are NOT interracial on the mono-multi category level. That is, someone multiracial is dating someone multiracial.
  3. If both sets of parents are monoracials, then the 2 lovers are first generation multiracials (e.g. President Obama, Vice President Kamala Harris, Halsey, Antonia Gentry from Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia). If, however, one person’s parents was biracial, then that person would be a 2nd generation multiracial (e.g., Steph Curry as his mom Sonya is half White & half Haitian). For example, Meghan Markle is biracial, so future King Archie is 2nd generation.
  4. If King Archie has a child with someone who shares one of his backgrounds & then that child grows to have kids with someone who shares one of her/his racial backgrounds, King Archie’s grandchildren would no longer be considered multiracial under the USA Census Classification.
    Four consecutive generations of the same racial admixture produces a new monoracial lineage.

In short, just as most multiracial Americans were interminority prior to our landmark victory in Loving v Virginia, the multiracial population is far more vulnerable to numerical fluctuations (both increases & decreases) across just 4 generations than is true for any other ethnoracial group.

Finally, postulations that our increasing multiracial populations are going to lead to landslide Progressive victories in the future seems to overlook the fact that if that multiracial growth is happening in Hawaii, NY, SoCal… no, it’s not going to change anything. Not unless there is some comparable growth in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin… Georgia & Arizona.

And for those who’ve read my previous pieces on this topic: I’m still more Native American than Senator Warren. Though I wonder if there’s any genetic pressure to marry & have kiddos with someone who reflects your underrepresented self in order to maintain the multiracial lineage in your offspring. And would any evolutionary pressure to maintain genetic mixed lineage be that targeted… because technically maintaining multiracial lineage only requires that one have a child that is multiracial.

100% of my relationships have been interracial.

(“But you dated a woman who was half Black” — see Scenario Two, Point 1)


MultiRacial Dividend Effect

All monoracials desire to interracially date someone from the multiracial group more than they desire to interracially date another monoracial minority. Multiracials are more open to interracially dating monoracials of all backgrounds than monoracials are to dating each other.

I'm passionate about making a tangible difference in the lives of others, & that's something I have the opportunity to do a professor & researcher.

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