I Was Magically Profiled

Access to the actual racial profiling video on December 16th 2020 is only available to those who have interest in learning what a racially traumatizing experience looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVyCpUCZR_s

Siri is a Witness

Catfran: Why did you hold up Siri to record the intruder the entire time?


Music & Productivity

My music was playing the entire time (and can be heard in the video). It’s a song without words that plays for 30 minutes nonstop. Wordless, consistent music (opera, classical, orchestral) is efficient for engaging in research, whereas music with words impairs cognitive performance (Martin et al., 1988; Miller, 2014; Linklater, 2020).

Avoid Eye Contact as Part of Social Distancing

Avoiding eye contact reduces the risk of infection because it reduces the risk of human interaction & avoiding random small talk — which may impair performance on cognitive tasks — facilitates greater productivity (Hietanen et al., 2008; Senju and Hasegawa, 2005; Conty et al., 2010).

Parties & Seatbelts

- Jasper drinks alcohol at a party & alcohol decreases immune functioning
- Piper turns up the music due to so many people, which makes the people talk louder & louder voices = more emissions
- Jasper takes an Uber/Lyft home. He opens the passenger door with his hand, then puts on the seatbelt with both hands, & then touches his face because omg that party was such a rush & first real fun since April but…
→ the Uberer/Lyfter had more than one passenger that night
→ the door handle wasn’t disinfected
→ the seatbelt wasn’t disinfected
→ Jasper has no symptoms so his roommate Chad thinks all is well but both end up testing positive a few days later
→ so even though 40% of Americans think traveling for the holidays this year will be safe/manageable… no.

Rimmed Glasses & Social Distancing

In addition to glasses generally providing some protection from racial bias, rimmed-glasses facilitate social distancing because they reduce perceived attractiveness (Leder et al., 2011) which reduces the odds that anyone would want to talk to me. Obviously being Black & an iNTJ makes social distancing easy (though I’m more Native American/ multiracial than Senator Elizabeth Warren), but the appearance-level performativity of my non-corrective rimmed-glasses add an additional layer (Judith Butler, 2011).

ADHD COVID — Medication is Protective

Catfran: So is ADHD a risk factor for COVID, given the behavioral symptoms associated with the disorder?

Merzon, E., Manor, I., Rotem, A., Schneider, T., Vinker, S., Golan Cohen, A., … & Green, I. (2020). ADHD as a risk factor for infection with Covid-19. Journal of Attention Disorders, 1087054720943271.

Jesus Was Broke

GamerGirl: Jesus was broke, right? How did he ever afford passports & stuff for travel?

Racial Capital 2

In NeoLiberalism, racial capital affords interpersonal capital that can be transformed into socioeconomic capital. For example:


According to Edwards (1973), “of the several criteria by which Americans are stratified, none bears greater significance than [that of] skin color” (p. 473)
Lighter skinned Black women tend to have higher salaries than Black women with darker skin who have very similar résumés (Hunter, 2002).
Thompson and Keith (2001) described a dark-skinned Black woman as being in a “triple-jeopardy” situation because of her race, gender, and skin tone.
Dark skinned Black males are perceived as being more violent and threatening by the general population (Hall, 1995).



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Dr. Jarryd Willis PhD

Dr. Jarryd Willis PhD

I'm passionate about making a tangible difference in the lives of others, & that's something I have the opportunity to do a professor & researcher.