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You & Rebecca Stevens A. should write a group article on these experiences.

- The strategic use of one's spouse in contexts where their appearance will produce a more favorable outcome for the family than the appearance of the other spouse.

- This effect is robust in scenarios in which the spouses are equal on relevant variables (e.g., credit, savings, income, educational attainment, etc) AND scenarios in which the backstage spouse is superior to the on-stage spouse.

Example: "I need my husband’s white body present when meeting landlords and agents" (Madame Von Kohnington, 2021)

Example: Carlette Duffy decided to "borrow one of" her friends' White husbands to stand-in for her during an appraisal so the realtor would think that a White person & male person owned the house. The result was that the house was appraised at $259K, more than double each of the initial two appraisals of $125K & $110K when she let the realtor believe a Black person & female person (herself) owned the house (which she does) (Antonio Planas, 2021).

Example: Alex Horton (White) remained in the house with the real estate appraiser as Adena Horton (Black) & their son (multiracial) snuck out the back. They also took down all family photos, any pictures of Black people, & hid items associated with Blackness. As a result, "the Hortons received a second appraisal — $465,000 — 41% higher than the first amount" of $330,000 (Young & McMahon, 2020).

Young & McMahon (2020) quoted Andre Perry's perfectly poignant statement that "When we look at Black assets, we judge them like we judge Black people. And so we reduce the value."

(Antonio Planas, 2021)

If trying to get a taxi to get home, using your White spouse to get one to stop for you results in a shorter waiting time.

- When a White woman with a Black or Hispanic last name is denied a loan she applied for because she was mistakenly assumed to be a minority.

Once she appears in person & the denying party discovers that she is White her loan application is approved.

- Women don't always immediately revert from their ex's last name back to their own following divorce, whether monoracial divorce or interracial divorce. As such, White women in these scenarios may experience accidental discrimination based on assumptions that she is Black or Hispanic.

- White Women who are happily interracially married may have more success in these scenarios by asking their husbands to wait in the car.

- Given the general patrilineal adoption of surnames in marriage, White men are less likely to experience this situation as his non-White wife's application is more likely to be approved via her utilization of his last name.

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