God never told Eve not to eat the apple. She didn't even exist yet when God told Adam not to eat from that tree.

Thus, nothing happens when Eve eats the apple, because she hadn't disobeyed any order from God. It was only after Adam ate it that "the Fall" was triggered.

In Adam's defense, Lilith had already broken up with him in the first chapter of Genesis (which indicates that relationship dissolution isn't inherently sinful), & Eve was the only other woman in all of existence. As such, it's not like he could say no when she offered him the apple.

Adam didn't want to be a virgin for eternity so he was probably going to do anything Eve wanted.

(Biblical Reference

The first account appears in Genesis 1:26-27. Here, God fashions man and woman simultaneously when the text reads: “So God created mankind in the divine image, male and female God created them.”

The second account of Creation is found in #Genesis 2:21-23. God creates Adam, then places him in the Garden of Eden. Not long afterwards, God decides to make a companion for Adam. God puts Adam into a deep sleep & while Adam is sleeping God takes one of his ribs (ouchies) & creates Eve.)

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