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  • Theo Seeds

    Theo Seeds

    Hi! My name's Theo, and I write about stuff I think is interesting.

  • L.J. Minow

    L.J. Minow

    Romance & fantasy novelist. I write mostly about love, dating, and gender roles. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ljminow

  • Carlyn Beccia

    Carlyn Beccia

    Author & illustrator. Editor of The Grim Historian. My latest books — MONSTROUS: THE LORE, GORE, & SCIENCE and THEY LOST THEIR HEADS. Contact: CarlynBeccia.com

  • Simone Keelah Brathwaite

    Simone Keelah Brathwaite

    A self-proclaimed freedom chaser who writes about self-development, spirituality, relationships, & black folx thangs. Sign up for updates www.SimoneKeelah.com.

  • Shannon Ashley

    Shannon Ashley

    It's not about being flawless, it's about being honest. 🍵 https://ko-fi.com/shannonashley 📧shannon.ashley.medium@gmail.com

  • Umair Kamal

    Umair Kamal

    Umair Kamal is a writer and a student.

  • Stephanie Leguichard

    Stephanie Leguichard

    Writer, editor, leftist, and feminist activist. Endlessly fascinated by the complexities of human minds and cultures. Currently completing my MA in Anthropology

  • Meron Nic Cruithne

    Meron Nic Cruithne

    Meron is a psychic and spirit worker based in Ireland. She talks to the dead of all periods and origins, but has a special talent for attracting Picts.

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