Expired Parking Permits & Racial Utilitarianism

In mid-September I received a parking violation. My 2019–2020 permit had expired, & my September permit was virtual (see image below).

Due to being virtual, it wasn’t physically displayed: thus, I received a ticket. Given that a picture of my expired red sticker was included in the violation files suggests that the citation person truly DID think that a new red annual sticker should’ve been there. An understandable error given that September was the first month of virtual permits.

In my successful appeal of the $65 ticket, I stated that the reason the expired 2019–2020 parking permit was still on my vehicle is because:

Honest error & all is well =^.^= (truly, no hard feelings)

Let’s review some of the other examples of social utilitarianism & racial compensation.

  1. Wearing Glasses
  2. Asking for the Receipt

3. Not Using a Reusable Bag to Shop (may look like stealing)

4. Symbolic Interactionism of Femininity
- floral #WearAmask

5. Hide Black family pictures in real estate (aka the Black Box)

6. If selling a product online, have a White hand hold it

7. Codeswitching

8. Asian Americans who are seen as straight may still implicitly be assumed to be foreign (Devos & Ma, 2008). However, Black Americans who are gay are seen as more socially desirable (more White/ less Black) (Petsko & Bodenhausen, 2019), and Asians Americans who are gay are seen as more American (Semrow et al., 2020). There is no effect of sexuality on racial perceptions of White Americans.

9. Appearance Labor (How To Get Away With Murder)

10. Appearance Labor (Asian Female Protagonists & Major Characters)

Katniss’ & Hermione’s hair never went blue/pink/purple/etc

5.31.2021 Update

To understand the concept of racial intercepts, consider personality intercepts & COVID

Research found that extroverts socially distanced significantly more than introverts, which makes introverts sound irresponsible.

Another study helped explain that introverts were already so low on the social interaction intercept that there wasn’t much space available to decrease their socializing behavior.

Stated differently, introverts were social distancing in 2018; hence, different position on the personality intercept. As a result, the change measured in introverts’ behavior was slimmer than extroverts given their respective position on the personality intercept & distance from the asymptote.

T.S.: the ticket would be more expensive for you because you would also have to deal with the mental/emotional costs that wouldn’t even be accounted for in court or through the appeal system

Jarryd: Now this is a trauma-informed insight

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