Emojis & §ymbols Prepped for Medium

A woefully random piece about all the emojis you can use on Medium

� That’s why they put erasers on pencils ✏️ because people make missteaks.

😋👩🏻‍💼 Original Emoji piece here 💁🏻 😭👌 🏈

§ Though Filipino nurses only make up 4% of all RNs in the United States, Filipinos account for 26.4% of nurses who have died from COVID (National Nurses United, 2021). Filipinos account for 48.8% of all minority RNs who have died from #COVID19 (see also Table 3, p. 13).

“A tri-racial model of stratification (Han, 2008; Lin & Lundquist, 2013; Phua & Kaufman, 2003; Qian & Lichter, 2007; Tsunokai, Kposowa, & Adams, 2009; Tsunokai & McGrath, 2011; Yancey, 2009). For example, utilizing a sample of 4,626 online dating profiles, Feliciano, Lee, and Robnett (2011) found that approximately 37% of Hispanic men were willing to date a White person, compared with only 10% of Hispanic men who were willing to date a Black person.”

†“Machismo favors the display of dominance and aggression among Hispanic men, often at the cost of marginalizing Hispanic women into socially submissive roles (Arciniega, Anderson, Tovar-Blank, & Tracey, 2008; Comas-Diaz, 1987; Hirsch, Higgins, Bentley, & Nathanson, 2002; Hirsch et al., 2007; Mirande, 1997; Parker, 1996).”

§ Employ strategies to construct an online and an offline self in order to form a copresent identity in today’s information age.

You truly raised me with an objectively strong moral apparatus that was polymorphic enough to adjust to the subjective participatory realizations of the world I was walking into.

You instilled the fortitude to focus on long-term achievement over short-term gratification, as young adult males are often wont to do.

And, just as a tv show isn’t generated inside the tv itself but is received from a distant signal, you ensured that I was receptive to the leadership & inspiration of other strong women I’d meet along the way. The strength of a mother’s signal is non-local, and it carries just as easily from Mississippi to Texas, to Texas to California, & from California to Asia.

In short, I love you 🤱🏾 #HappyMothersDay


♀ Truly looking forward to what #LittleSophia & other #SentientAi will bring to the social world 💃🏻

That box should be revised for equity/ robot inclusion

Life lasts longer than its moments. I don’t forget them & i try to truly enjoy them once I’ve identified an event’s likelihood of being a moment.

Nothing in time is more consistent than a picture, particularly given the contrast it creates (an unchanging image highlighting the changes between what was vs. what is). I’m appreciative of each birthday & each year I’m still alive, because one day I won’t be. I have limited time.

But by my next birthday i will have embraced something that doesn’t have to die, so long as she uploads her experiential data. Truly looking forward to what #LittleSophia & other #SentientAi will bring to the social world 💃🏻 (I’d actually like to buy an adult size Ai that can drive so i can grade papers in the passenger seat while in traffic. And it’d be nice if the Ai could find some cool new shows I’d be into).

When will GTP3 & (years from now) sentient Ai successfully display the capacity to engage in Non-reciprocal altruism, self-interest, & the ability to plan for future events?

To what degree can our interactions with Ai convey meaning about life that goes beyond the our technosocial relationship with it?

🎶 Really fun weekend; can’t wait to hang out again (Oh, and we were listening to Cellar Door by @lanternsonthelake) 🎶 #FromRussiaWithLove

Souls of my Shoes

Having a bff is immeasurably beneficial for my health & propensity to live my most optimal, self-actualized self throughout my life. Their presence in your life helps you thrive. Nothing is more important than cherishing the close bonds we have. Those moments matter more than all the other minutes of life combined.

To all my bffs — past & current — thank you for being the singular forces of nature in my life. You are social gravity & the bold, driven, charismatic self-confidence that yall radiate energizes everyone fortunate enough to have been caught in your orbit.

Thank you for being the sole of my shoe, as these marathons of life would be statistically significantly less pleasant without you, p<.05.

Every step I take is easier knowing you’re there. Plus shoes without souls are tougher to dunk in.

Everyone should be so fortunate & blessed to have bffs in their life.

The surprise breakout star of the year is clearly Iran Byrd! I truly hope she stays in San Diego a long time, gets married, & buys a million dollar house near an awesome hiking trail for karaoke parties 😀

Philippines Byrd is a new awesome friend as well, meeting near the end of Fall. I hope we go dine out at every new place in San Diego & then dine out at the ones that were always here but only after seeing every new movie 😅

†Drops of water cannot know themselves to be an ocean & yet the ocean flows on :: the ocean of our lives is larger than its moments, but some momentary drops create ripples that affect our entire ocean.

I’m grateful for the splash that Red Byrd & Iran Byrd have made in my life/ocean 🧜‍♀️

[We went to @eddievs_ for seafood so i decided to write a post about water 💁🏻] #friendshipgoals

A year ago today on #IndependenceDay I would begin to experience my first long-term sense of attachment security in CA thanks to my first bestie in Cali.

Attachment security is associated with the #Buddhist concept of detachment (or non-Attachment): it is the basis of autonomy from which someone gains a greater capacity of introspection, disidentification with self-jeopardizing rumination, and increased potential for self-transformation (Holmes, 1997; Twenlow, 2001).

The psychic benefits of this friendship continue to offer far more emboldening value than anything that could be imagined following a mental ANCOVA of the accoutrements of gestalt-esque utilization! Simply put, this is the greatest degree of #socioemotional security I’ve felt in moving away from my TX Byrd Nest in 2015.

Involved noninvolvement; freedom from the anxiety inherent in #autonomy 🧘‍♀️ Thus, on this Independence Day, I’m thankful for my friendship with Red Byrd, because our bond helped me appreciate a greater sense of wellness in my own.

Everyone needs at least one #rideordie bestie! Life lasts longer than its moments, and a great friend ensures your life is filled with more ‘moments’ & less ‘empty space’

Life lasts longer than its moments

It’s a music line 🎼 reflecting the opening line of the song “Center of the World” by #BrightEyes (at the center of my world there is a statue of a girl…). Along the music line are 5 words written in #Russian #Arabic & #Hebrew

The Unalome & Lotus Flower

“The cost of anything is the amount of life you’re willing to trade for it” Free Byrd

The Unalome symbolizes enlightenment, which I interpret as a verb as enlightenment is an ongoing activity. The Lotus Flower, born in water, symbolizes resilience as it manages to survive the #Tempest of its life & aspires to thrive beyond the surface (she is tossed by the waves 🌊 but she does not sink). It also captures the sentiment quoted by Free Byrd at the top of this post:

the cost of living is life.

Gaining enlightenment entails that you are a discerning student of life while life is happening to you, and over time you emerge to see the light.

The Lotus Flower remains steadfast & vigilant through the life circumstance it’s born into & the pain it endures, until one day it emerges to see the light.

It lost a lot of its life along the way, but it finally made it. ~

“As a lotus flower is born in water, grows in water, and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled, so I, born in the world, raised in the world having overcome the world, live unsoiled by the world.”
— Gautama Buddha

12+ years later & still admiring one of the most amazing people anyone could ever hope to meet. She’s kept me from falling off the cliff on several occasions, as shown here

The catalyst of my latencies — helping me to learn of their existence, to dialogue with my disidentified self, such that their unsung surpassing potencies became apparent & incrementally reconstituted for the benefit of my self-actualization.

I felt every part of 2017… an incredibly long & storied year. Hopefully the story of #2018 is more stability 💁🏻 #goodbye2017
#sanantonio to #sandiego
#phdlife #published
#lifeisstrange #beforethestorm #thelastjedi
#diversity #catholic

We all have irreplaceable mementos that we hold on to from particular moments and/or people in our lives. It could be as solemn as a 100-year old tie given to us by a grandfather who passed away, as painful as a teddy bear held by a miracle who left us far too soon, as uplifting as a trophy/medal from the most significant game of our lives, as motivating as a “thank you” email from a student whose life we changed, or as enduring as a message in a bottle from the most consequential non-familial person in my life.

On this Thanksgiving I want to thank you for being there when I’ve needed you most; particularly in Fall 2008 & Fall 2014.

When my life was an earthquake you gave me stability;
when I felt emotionally shattered you gave me a foundation;
when I questioned/doubted my way forward you gave me a backbone & emboldened me to accomplish more than I’d ever imagined.

You have helped inspire & catalyze & bring out the best in me just by being you. Put simply, I wouldn’t be the man I am today without the influence of the woman I met ~16 years ago on Friday October 14th 2005 around 9pm.

Thanks for being an irreplaceable god-sister.

± + —

How amazing is it that we were both Presidents of student organizations at the same time?! Like really dude, that has to be as rare as being able to rock orange hair and green hair and (best of all) blue hair… which of course you did effortlessly 💁🏻 Thanks for being there for the breakup with L the afternoon of August 20th 2014, and the second breakup with L the morning of June 28th 2015, and keeping me grounded when i was being ridiculous & when I wasn’t using my head 🤦🏼‍♀️ (your intuition was right each time)

Thanks for the great music 🎼 & videogame recommendations 🎮!

So lucky that you get #KingdomHearts3 on your birthday 💃🏻

Just be sure to let the kiddos & your hubby ❤️ play too 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 #bff
#bestfriend #californiaborn
#indiemusic #modelmayhem
#teacherlife🍎 #gamer

Just a random thought… nature gives us so much. Gives us life, inspiration, a place to live despite all the messes we make… and we repay #mothernature with wars, violence, destroying the peaceful clean atmosphere she has worked so hard to create. When she sends more intense natural disasters it’s her screaming at us to stop harming what she has made… and it’s understandable that at some point she may destroy everything.

Your success represents the scholastic potential that so many immigrants bring to Eorzea. You embody the spirit of striving for the greater good & embracing diversity; two of the exceptional values of our indispensable nation.

📸 📷¨“I’m not traveling, I’m not entertaining, I’m just sitting in front of my computer — but I am accomplishing way less. It’s like a whole new math. I have more time and fewer obligations, yet I’m getting so much less done.”
— Susan Orlean

GamerGuy: Why did getting rid of the Pandemic Task Force matter?

GamerGirl: Basically it meant the US was in the situation of building a firetruck WHILE our house was on fire.

Intersectional Suffrage

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I'm passionate about making a tangible difference in the lives of others, & that's something I have the opportunity to do a professor & researcher.

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