Emoji Identity

An Intersectional Glitch: Colorism & Gender

GamerGirl’s Butlerian Lens

GamerGirl shows how identity can be constructed via linguistic performance, behavioral performance, punctuation performance, attire performance, visual digital body performance, emoji performance, etc


July 18th Email

Of Godsister

Consumer Racism (assume everything is a direct citation)


the distinctive experiences of individuals who occupy multiply disadvantaged social positions give them privileged epistemic access to certain regions of social reality. (p. 1297)

Intersectionally Mobilized (Terriquez, 2015)

Sex Roles

The 2020 Election marks…

“a renewal of an American conversation where we’re struggling imperfectly to realize the full implications of the Jeffersonian promise of equality,” said Meacham. “It’s taken us too long, our work has been bloody and tragic and painful and difficult and, Lord knows, it is unfinished, but at our best we try.” — Jon Meacham

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor

June 2020 Facebook Note (while Notes Existed)



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