Diversity is Not Inclusion

Key Points

Plural MonoCulturalism

Cultural Boundaries in a Multicultural Nation

International Student Comments







the social boundaries between groups are not as porous as we would like to imagine.

— On one hand, there is a seemingly enabling multicultural university environment,

— There are shallow intercultural relations.

Being Invited Feeling Welcome

such transient interaction would do little to foster overall satisfaction, reduce anxiety, & foster cultural exchange.

many respondents desired deeper relationships with host-nationals, but were constrained by the lack of reciprocity, cultural distance, & the costs required to cross the barriers.

Social Exchange Theory

they are limiting their attempts at developing meaningful relationships when faced with interpersonal constraints.

These cultural boundaries are not as porous as they would appear; contact is not sufficient to weaken them.

Diversity ≠ Inclusion

Canada’s multicultural values support tolerance and friendly interactions, but may be limited in their impact on interactions that foster inclusion.

APA Reference



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