Dishwashers vs. Washing By Hand (UCSD Survey Results)

You Need To Rinse Your Dishes Off First

…But to skip the dishwasher entirely & wash 100% by hand is still fascinating to me.

Sidenotes (assume direct quotes)

Alethea Rollins 2019

White parents were more likely to endorse intergroup contact and exposure, but did not actively support or encourage intergroup relationships.

First, some parents embrace the Black (or minority) experience, adopting the beliefs and values of one group without recognition of the other (majority) group. Believing they have no other option, these families affirm society’s minority appraisal of their children and trust that group affiliation and affirmation will help their children traverse inevitable racism & discrimination.

For White parents, intergroup relationships are bound contextually and are not integrated into daily life.

Some parents endorse a “best of both worlds” approach, “affirming the uniqueness of each of the cultures that they represent” (Orbe, 1999, p. 175). This multiracial approach is committed to social consciousness and teaches about both cultures equally. Parents who espouse a multiracial approach support children’s individual choices with respect to their racial identity and communicate openly about the prejudice and discrimination that people of color face.

Minority Socialization

Minority socialization refers to the racial socialization strategies that parents use to prepare their minority children for and buffer and protect them from racial and discriminatory practices of the dominant society. Parents socialize their children toward their future reality (Ogbu, 1982), which is dependent on their historical and contemporary economic, social, and political realities. Although minorities have successfully defeated formal legal barriers, informal remnants persist. People of color continue to experience implicit and explicit racism and discrimination. As a result, parents directly and indirectly socialize their children to deal with the social and economic realities of being a minority in America..

White Women Made Up About 40% of All Slave Owners

Becky Little, 2019 (assume everything is a direct quote)

For White women, owning slaves provided them freedom

… — freedom from the patriarchal, sexist role of being their husband’s property (the property that her father gave away at the wedding).

Bisexual Courtship Preferences Quizzes (1–3)


Introvert Rights



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