COVID19 Reasons WhY: Nurture Favors XX Survival (Reason 8)

8A. #AiForGood

People would prefer that a malfunctioning Ai self-driving car hit males & spare females (Awad et al., 2019, MIT).

p. 45

8B. Women Survive More Than Men in MMORPG

Women avatars like me are more likely to survive than men avatars in MMORPG regardless of the sex of the gamer (Zhang et al., 2018).

Zhang, S., Bakkes, S., Roijers, D., & Spronck, P. Avatars of a Feather Flock Together: Gender Homophily in Online Video Games Revealed via Exponential Random Graph Modeling.

8C. People would rather sacrifice to save women

FeldmanHall et al. (2016) tasked participants with deciding how much money they would pay to reduce or prevent painful electric shocks from reaching a target (a fake subject or confederate; but not a neocist or Civil War related). People spent more money (kept less money) when the target was a woman.

p. 545

8D. The Titanic

Of the 1,513 passengers who lost their lives, 1,352 were men, but only 161 were women and children.

Lilienfeld, A. M., & Pasamanick, B. (1955). A study of variations in the frequency of twin births by race and socio-economic status. American Journal of Human Genetics, 7(2), 204.

As a result, we become adults who are more likely to expect Mario to rescue Zelda from Bowser than for Zelda to rescue Mario from Bowser… just substitute ‘rescue her from Bowser’ for ‘rescue her from a flat tire on the 405 North’ and you get the idea.

Importantly, both women AND men are receiving these messages. Indeed, it wasn’t just women admonishing Harry Styles for wearing dresses → many men joined in. The ‘Man Box’ of our gender socialization narratives is also why Kevin Love’s ESPN special on Mental Health was praised as incredibly brave. It’s only brave because we’ve socialized males towards emotional agnosticism. Thus, men may come to expect this behavior in themselves as much as women may expect it of them.

Symbol Codes

♀ = Nurture & β = Nature

COVID Sidenote 6 → Introverts are still doing fine, but…

Obviously introverts were going to excel with social distancing, literally to the point that when people would ask how introverts are doing over Spring & Summer their answers would convey hardship for the sake of appeasement, with an empathetic awareness of how the general public was feeling.



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