Nov 22, 2021

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Casual Malice

Table of Contents

Trauma Example: I Was Racially Profiled

Hostile Climate

Corrective Actions by UCSD

May 5th Adaptations following May 3rd Trigger: They also disabled a secondary door in my office… & put a sign on my door that says “No Custodial Services This Suite”

Trauma Adaptations

You know where I’ll be December 16th at 8:16pm this year.

“This morning” now refers to Thursday November 18th

Racial Trauma (and Hostile Climate) Timeline

Sidenotes (assume direct quotes)

Digisexuals (coined by McArthur & Twist, 2016)

Smart Vibrator — Lioness (by Suzannah Weiss, 2017)

Orgasm Detector & Orgasm Type

See also Suzannah Weiss, 2018

The clitoris is frequently omitted from medical textbooks, much like women’s 4-minute orgasm figure.”

Clitoris & Education — Chalmers & Jones, 2016

Interminority Marriages — Fox & Guglielmo, 2012

By Patrick Collins (UT-San Antonio) #Roadrunners

Interminority Prejudice — Burson & Godfrey, 2018

Altruism, Sex, & Gender (temporary placement)