Bisexual Preference & Paternal Uncertainty

Lover Sexuality Preference 1

Lover Sexuality Preference 2

Consider the following conversation…

Honeymoon — (Stephen Morewitz, 2019)

Best Man — (William Shepard Walsh, 1898)

Throwing the Rose Bouquet at the Wedding — (Lucasz Luczaj, 2012)

Male Socialization & Toxic Masculinity

If a mask is all it takes to threaten your manhood, you didn’t have much manhood to begin with.

Plural Courtship → Monogamous Coupling

Ultrasound Courtship

Age of 2nd Spouse

Age & Acting

Dialogue available to women who are over 40 years old decrease substantially. For men, it’s the exact opposite

Age of Awareness of Sexuality: Bisexual Edition

Bisexuals & Infidelity (Hoang et al., 2011)

Bisexual Emotional Infidelity vs. Sexual Infidelity Concerns When Dating Women vs. Men

InterOrientation Infidelity (Confer and Cloud, 2011)


Breakups Can Be/Are/Will Be Tense.

Divorce Isn’t Random

The Whitley Law Firm, 2020

Bisexual InterOrientation Friendships

Mary Assink et al., 2021

LG Friendships

Danielle Loewen, 2021 — September 4th

Marriage Benefits Xy > XX (assume direct quotes)

Renata Gomes (2020)

LG Interracial

“Being a gay man of color is to experience the unnerving feeling of being invited to a potluck while being told not to bring anything since nobody would be interested in what you bring, and then not being offered any food since you didn’t bring anything anyway” (Chong-Suk Han, 2007).

Jennifer Schecter (The L Word)

Invisibility Of Social Privilege to Those Who Have It (Kaidi Wu, 2021)

Lefty Bias

Curly Hair


Dear Couple Coming Out of the Interracial Closet



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