💷Bisexual Pay Gap 💶

This confusion could be resolved by looking at the sex of bisexual women’s lovers.

Bisexual Wage Gap (Thekla Morgenroth et al., 2021)

🏳️‍⚧️ Pay Gap — Lydia Geijtenbeek & Erik Plug, 2018

“MTF workers experience a 20% fall in earnings as a registered female, whereas FTM workers experience an 8% rise as a registered male”

Sexuality Pay Gaps (Revisited)

Sidenotes = will likely be relocated to future article

LGBT Veterans & Service — Janelle Downing et al., 2018

Manhood & Housework — Natasza Kosakowska-Berezecka et al., 2020

Meat & Manhood — Cara MacInnis & Gordon Hodson, 2013

Everett et al., 2019



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