☆Bisexual Child & The Influence of Perceived Choice (Analysis)

Annukka Lahti, 2021 (p. 90)

in their family relationship assemblages, powerful positive affects such as happiness were repeatedly assembled to their relationships with cis men.

☆ Parents’ Acceptance of a Lesbian or Gay Child (George Gao & Pew Research, 2015)

School Outcomes of Kids with Same-Sex Parents — Deni Mazrekaj et al., 2020

Higher Test Scores

Andrea Carnaghi et al., 2020 — Gender-role Development of Children Raised by Gay-male and Heterosexual Parents


Multiracial Politicians — Danielle Casarez Lemi, 2021

Multiracial candidates have the advantage of building coalitions with voters from other groups, but they are disadvantaged when appealing to co-racials with strong racial identities.

Lemi, D. C. (2021). Do Voters Prefer Just Any Descriptive Representative? The Case of Multiracial Candidates. Perspectives on Politics, 19(4), 1061–1081. https://doi.org/10.7910/DVN/E7CLML


Can Researchers Show That Threat Assessment Stops Mass Shootings?

Don’t Referee Every Schoolyard Conflict. Help Kids Learn to Solve Them on Their Own.



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