bell hooks' definition is spot on, & I think Liz Plank's discussion of the asymmetric social evolution since WW2 poignantly captures many of our current social challenges.

In short, until the social evolution of males and normative sea change towards mindful masculinity that I & Elizabeth Plank & Soraya Chemaly dream of takes place, we must consider the epidemiological, sociocultural, & familial consequences of our current atavistic gender norms – particularly in the context of heterosexual courtship & pair bonds.

This is why I argue LG couples & interorientation couples (e.g., heterosexual-bisexual) can be instructive egalitarian models for hopeful MonoOrientation heterosexual dyads.

Moreover, asexual inclusive couples & Ace-Ace dyads can demonstrate intimacy and commitment in a way that isn't reducible to intercourse or some other phallocentric outcome (assuredly an outcome destined to reinforce the well-documented orgasm gap in Xy-XX couples).

#iNTJPride #Psychology #MatePreferences #Feminist #GamerGirl

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